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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Painting resumed! Woopee!

I was feeling knackered last night, so i decided to wait until today to give resuming painting a try. So far on the 36 Sarmatian lancers I'd had to abandon part-way through painting I've done the following:

  • belts
  • bows
  • basic horse colouring

Later on I'll be doing the faces and arms of the riders; second shading on the horses; hooves; ground colour. I think tomorrow will see these finished - that will be the detailing, touch-ups, brown-ink super- wash and gloss varnishing. If the varnish has dried in time, I might even get to do the basing - if I do, then you'll get pics.


  1. Waiting for the pics....hurry up!

  2. OK, just for you I'll take and post some pics of the WIP when I've finished for the day :)

  3. Oh yeah, I'm waiting for the pics too ;)


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