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Monday, 9 January 2012

No painting for a week or two :(

Went to the docs this morning to find out about the weirdness with my left arm. As I suspected, it seems that the ulnar nerve is trapped/pinched/compressed, probably at the Cubital Tunnel in the elbow.

So, what does this mean? For starters I'll have to put painting on hold for a week or two as I need to rest that arm and try to avoid bending it at the elbow. I also have to try keeping the arm straight while asleep by wrapping a towel around the elbow. If rest doesn't sort it out in a week or so, then it might need further investigation and possibly surgery to shift the nerve to the inside of the elbow (even more time away from painting minis).

Assuming that resting for a couple of weeks sorts it out, then I'll need to make some adjustments - I've already bought a keyboard wrist-rest which should provide a good cushion for my elbow when painting.

I guess I'll just have to base up my unpainted Sarmatians to use during my club FoG tournament as the chances are that they won't be finished before my first game.

In the meantime I may just have to do some actual wargaming ;-)


  1. Oh my.

    Well good luck and let's hope rest will be enough

  2. Ouch! That's bad. Best wishes - hope you recover soon.

  3. That doesn't sound very nice!! Get well soon!

  4. Hope a bit of rest sorts it out for you.

  5. And just when you were on a bit of a roll with the Sarmatians! At least it won't stop you rolling some dice.

  6. @Kobold - it certainly didn't stop me rolling them this evening :))

    Had some fun games of TW at the club - will post brief AARs tomorrow (forgot to take pics *smacks head*)

  7. I feel for you, I had tennis elbow a few years ago from using the PC mouse, weight lifting and painting, I was stupid and didn't rest it, so it took about 6 months to go away, make sure you rest it for a couple weeks, good luck.

  8. Teh games were fun yesterday, and now, I 've dusted my GZG minis. Damn you Tamsin!

  9. Have a good painting rest and some good gaming.....

  10. @Seb - that was a cool last game last night, especially when Slim drew a certain Fog of War card at the end!! ;)


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