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Sunday, 1 January 2012

My lead pile .......

So, what is currently in my lead (and resin) pile awaiting painting (and in some cases assembly)?

15mm Sarmatians (for Fields of Glory):

These are my current painting priority - we've got a club competition starting in a few weeks, so they need to be painted and based in time (Well, enough for a basic army anyway - I can vary my army as other BGs are finished).

from Donnington Ancients & Moderns:
72 Armoured Lancers (6 BGs)
72 Protected Lancers (6 BGs)
48 "Other Cavalry" (4 BGs)
16 Light Horse (2 BGs)
48 Light Foot Archers (4 BGs)
24 Light Foot Javelin (2 BGs)
3 Command groups (9 figures)
2 camps (assorted camp followers, booty, firepits, tents)

From Strategia e Tattica:
18 "Other Cavalry" (1 BG)
2 Command Groups (6 figures)
16 Light Foot Javelin (1 BG)

I have already painted 12 Light Foot Archers and 12 Light Foot Javelin from Strategia e Tattica. Most of the Donnington minis are prepped ready for priming, the remainder should be done over the next day or two. I had prepped, primed and started painting the Strategia e Tattica minis, but have decided to strip them back down to bare metal as I'm not happy with how they look.

6mm American Civil War

From Baccus 6mm:

Union: skirmishers, Zouaves, cavalry, artillery and commanders (ten 24-man regiments of infantry already painted and based)
confederate: infantry, skirmishers, Zouaves, cavalry, artillery and commanders
some extra artillery
some resin buildings and bridges.


From Ground Zero Games:

NSL Intro Fleet
FSE Intro Fleet
Japanese Mega Fleet plus some extra capital ships, escorts and fighter groups
A couple of merchant/cargo vessels

I'm waiting for some magnetic adapters from Ninja Magic before I make a start on these

15mm Sci Fi

From "The Scene":

20 Combat Robots
10 Large Combat Robots
7 "The Authorities"

From Ground Zero Games:

New israelis: 40 infantry, 2 support weapon teams, 1 heavy weapon, 4 grav-bikes
Armed Civvies: 24 figures
Colonial Security: 16 figures
Bots: 6 spider drones, 6 workbots, 6 humanoid bots
Ravagers (Rim Pirates): 16 figures
Ship Crew: 6 armed, 6 unarmed
Unarmed Civvies: 32 figures
Kra'Vak: 24 figures
ESU: 40 figures
NAC: 64 infantry, 4 support wepons teams
Vehicles: 1 grav sled with support weapon, 1 hover sled
Others: 2 tracked gunbots and 1 ground mount heavy weapon

From Wargames Supply Depot:

36 Chumbondas - actually 20mm, but fit in OK with my GZG figures

Old Traveller and Laserburn stuff:

I dug these out of a cupboard when I visited my dad a few weeks ago:
18 Vargr
9 civvies plus 2 droids
8 Law Enforcers, 1 Law Enforcer on bike, 2 enforcer droids

From Old Crow:
A bunch of 15mm and 25mm vehicles

A few construction vehicles and light trucks - will probably paint these up as colonist vehicles

Edit to add:

I forgot to include some that are on order but haven't arrived yet - a bunch of Space Demons and Chewks from Khurasan


  1. Looks like you have plenty of projects on your plate! I wish you luck on finishing several of them over the course of the new year! Don't be a stranger and drop by my Blog and take a look once in a while!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world.

  3. Cheers for the welcome guys - I've added myself as a follower to your blogs :)

  4. Happy New Year

    I have just started a blog myself for much the same reasons - hopefully it should provide some focus for the coming year

    Good gaming and blogging!

  5. That's quite a list, happy painting!! And a Happy New Year as well!


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