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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

More progress, more pics

Progress on the 15mm Sarmatians:

  • 48 "Other Cavalry" assembled and primed
  • Black ink wash applied to the Armoured Lancers I primed yesterday. I think the wash may have been too dilute as it doesn't seem to have picked out the details very well. I'll take another look in the morning and then decide if I need to do make up a stronger wash.

And some more pics - 25mm GZG figures again, to show my complete collection of these. I'll try to take some pics of my 15mm Sci Fi tomorrow if I have time.

NSL Jaegers:

NSL Power Armour and regular troops:


FSE Legionaires:




  1. Thanks for the pics of the GZG 25's - I haven't seen many of these painted. Wish Jon would expand his 15mm Kra'Vak to include the poses and equipment in the 25mm line. The Jaeger hats are funny in every scale ;)

  2. Which rules do you use with your GZG 25s? I am looking to build a force using Pig Iron Miniatures for Tomorrows War iniyially, but might look at other systems as well

  3. @Kobold - when I spoke to John at Colours in September he said that the Kra'Vak were near the top f the list for reworking (along with the 15mm NSL and UNSC hardsuits), so maybe later this year?

    @David - I originally got them for Stargrunt, but will probably be using them for Tomorrow's War when my opponent is using 40K (or other 25/28) stuff, but will normally be using my 15s. I think one of the big problems with 25/28s for SF is the lack of vehicles compared to 15mm


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