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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Finished: 15mm Sea Peoples "Common Warriors"

Phew! They're done! I did manage to get all the basing done today (Friday - remember what I said in my workbench post yesterday?) and don't they look lovely.

The Blue Hats:

The Red Hats:

The Green Hats:

Tomorrow I'll be starting work on the "retinue warriors". That's going to be a slightly bigger project as I've got 60 warriors, 12 officers, 12 standard bearers and 12 musicians to paint. Which means I'll be breaking it down into three smaller batches for painting.

I did a couple of other bits today. The Mongols I ordered a few weeks ago arrived on Wednesday and I've been prepping them - I've still got a few more to go. When they're all prepped, I'll put them onto painting sticks and prime them.

I also primed one of the WW2 Aussies to use as a test figure for colour schemes:

I might try a zenithal highlight on him to see how well that works for me. If you're wondering about the colour I used to prime him, I figured that a red-brown would make a good base for the flesh tones and would also give some desaturation to the various green tones. We'll see how that works out.

I also painted up some MDF templates for King of the Battlefield:

I had spray primed them grey earlier in the week, but as I wanted to do them in certain colours, I needed to airbrush them white first.

Both sides are done, and the edges.

I don't think anybody at the club is going to walk away with mine by mistake!

Eventually I'll give them a good spray coat of gloss varnish and will then use a black oil wash to pick out the recessed details and finish with a spray coat of satin varnish. I'll need to wait until I've got some spray gloss varnish and for better weather though.


  1. Love the bog-standard Philistines! I think they look AWESOME!
    Looking forward to seeing the regulars too!

  2. Love the colours. Painting all those White lines on the skirts must have taken a bit of time.

  3. These look superb - I'm amazed you painted "tartans" at this scale - really nice work

    I also like the templates

  4. The sea people all look great. Will be interesting to see the Aussie when finished.

  5. Great work Tamsin. I veered off course and away from the sea peoples and have two new projects on the go and have stalled on one of them with the first batch of figures. The other is progressing well.

  6. @ Herkybird - thanks! :)

    @ Michael - cheers! :)

    @ Paul - thanks! It did take a bit of time to paint those and a little bit more to touch them up after doing the panels :)

    @ Miles - cheers! :)

    @ Simon - thanks! The Aussie will eb a while though :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! Sometimes that's the way it goes - I'm sure you'll get around to your Sea Peoples at some point :)