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Friday, 30 March 2018

Thursday Workbench 29 March

Whilst it might be (all right, is) after midnight and so - technically - Friday 30 March, the fact of the matter is that I still count it as Thursday as I haven't gone to bed yet. Okay?

Progress has been a bit slow on the final batch of "common warriors" as I didn't get anything done the past two evenings due to being knackered after work. However, I've made up for it today and I've finished painting them:

I just need to give them a Klear/ink coat (which I'll be doing shortly after posting this) and varnish them which I'll do tomorrow. Then they can be combined with the other two batches for basing. Which I'll also do tomorrow.

The long weekend (I'm actually not back to work until next Thursday) should see me make a good start on the "retinue warriors". They will also be armoured (same figures as the batch above) so this has been a useful learning experience. One thing I've learnt is that the Flat Blue and Ultramarine are far too similar, so I'll probably replace the Flat Blue with Intense Blue. I'll also be dropping the Pastel Blue, but that's because I think it looks a bit wishy-washy.


  1. They look nice now, it will be nice to see the whole army finished!
    Happy Easter Tamsin!

  2. These troops really give a chance to get some great colour onto the table.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday, Tamsin! Paint and play and get plenty of rest. Happy Easter!

  4. @ Herkybird - cheers! I think the whole army should be finished by the end of April :)

    @ Norm - they certainly do :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! Have a great Easter :)