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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sunday Workbench 04 March

As another Sunday rolls around, so does another Sunday Workbench post. It also means you get to see which project I opted for:

Yes, I went for 6mm ACW...oh, no I didn't - I went with the Sea Peoples. After a bit of a hunt for the notes I'd made a long while ago about how many of which figures I needed for the different troop types I sorted out what would be needed for the first batch and then sorted out the paints I would be using. And then I made a start on the painting.

I got a good bit done yesterday - flesh base and wash, ivory base on the kilts, wooden bits and the coloured headdress reeds, Today I started out by painting the figure bases then took a few deep breaths and began work on the shield faces and kilt patterns. Which made me remember one of the reasons I'd kept putting off doing these. Still, once these are done, just another 180 plus the chariot crews to do (and their kilts could well be a bit more more complex).

There's not much left to be done on these - hair, bronze, flesh highlights, leather work (neck straps and some have sandals) and some touching up. the reed headdresses probably need a wash to bring out the details.

This batch of figures will be for 6 bases each of LI javelins and LMI javelinmen. the rest of the army will have 12 bases of MI common warriors, 6 bases of MI retinue warriors, 6 bases of HI retinue warriors, 4 light chariots, 3 commander chariots and an ox wagon for the camp element (although I have spotted that Essex sell a suitable ship and crew which would fit onto a camp base...).


  1. So glad you went for the sea peoples. And you reminded me of one of the reasons mine are still unpainted and in the box. Kilts, the very word brings dread.

  2. This is a nice project - they will make a superb looking army.

  3. @ Neil - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - yup, patterned kilts are a pain and I definitely made a mistake painting up 48 figures in one go :o

    @ Norm - they will indeed, but it will be a long, slow grind to get there I think :)

    @ Miles - thanks! :)

  4. I really like those. Really colorful, and those colours will look fantastic in a 'Biblical' terrain. Sigh....I've often been tempted by the Chariot Era.... this isn't helping!

  5. Lovely work...as usual. I am really looking forward to seeing the full project at completion.