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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Salute 2017 Blogger Meet

Usually there are multiple blog posts about this, but the only one I've seen so far is the original from Ray. So, I guess with it being just one week away that I should post a reminder.

Yes, the annual chaos of the Bloggers Meet at Salute next Saturday. If you're a blogger (and we seem to have expanded to include podcasters and YouTubers) and fancy popping along to meet and chat with other like-minded fools, please come along to the area near the painting competition displays (see the red dot in the above pic) at 1pm. Usually it all breaks up after about 30 minutes as people have other things to do. Before everybody naffs off, we do try to get a group photo or two done - here's one from last year:

So, I hope to see some of you next Saturday.


  1. Unfortunately I'm going to miss Salute again, this time for a friends wedding. Have a good time for me.

  2. I'm in! Hope to see you there Tamsin :-)

  3. Not this year for me , I will be at Partizan in May though

  4. I'll be going along after a few years absence and not much blogging.

  5. Its a shame its at 1pm as this is the same time the Lead Adventure Meet is taking place (and has for last 3 years) - any chance of shifting it next year?

    See ya Saturday -

  6. @ Ashley - how inconsiderate of your friends organising their wedding on Salute day! ;)
    Have a fab day hun - we'll miss you :)

    @ Da Gobbo - be good to see you :)

    @ Dave D - that's a shame, but understandable. I might try to make it up to Partizan again :)

    @ The Wilde Goose - hope to see you next Saturday :)

    @ Eric the shed - the blogger meet has been 1pm since it started in 2012 - maybe LAF could move theirs? ;)
    See you on Saturday :)

    @ Ray - hopefully a couple more blogs will pick up on our posts and advertise it. See you next weekend :)

    @ Michael A - you will indeed my good sir! :)

  7. In commiseration for missing Salute I've have two big splurges on eBay to add to my growing old RAFM era Heavy Gear collection.

  8. See you there! Maybe there should be some kind of Blogger/LAD face off at Salute!!

  9. See you there! Maybe there should be some kind of Blogger/LAD face off at Salute!!

  10. I' flying back from Ireland that afternoon so i won't be there but Enjoy yourself and be careful of the temptation.