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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Desert Terrain Day 09

I took Tuesday evening off (it was my birthday, so that's allowed!) and only did a little bit last night - basecoating over the grit/sand.

Today I carried on, first with a wash. I realised after doing the first two pieces that the mix was too dark so I watered it down for the remaining six. I then dry-brushed them with the basecoat and then two lighter shades. However the first two pieces were still too dark so I went back over them with the basecoat.

Here's a pic of the six almost-finished pieces:

I've still got to add tufts and little bits of brush but that will have to wait until I've got all the other pieces done.

I've also added sand to the dunes bases and sealed them:

Tomorrow I'll be doing the basecoat, wash and drybrushing on those. I will also be sanding down the filler on a few other pieces - if I have time I'll add grit and sand to those as well.


  1. These are coming along,


  2. I would be very happy to play a game over such good looking terrain. Very happy indeed.

  3. Belated birthday wishes for Tuesday Tamsin.

  4. Coming along really nicely - and belated birthday wishes!