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Friday, 7 April 2017

Desert Terrain Day 03

I was feeling a bit under the weather at the beginning of the week so didn't do any more work on Monday or Tuesday. And I forgot to take pics last night (not that there would have been much to see). I had finished shaping the hills with the hot-wire cutter, glued them onto ePVC bases then I made a quick pass with the cutter to blend the edges to meet the base. Today I took the hills to work and sanded them during my lunch break.

This evening I did some work on the field, plantation and dunes bases. I started off using Milliput but realised I wouldn't have enough and it probably wasn't ideal. So I switched to Das air-drying clay.

Here's a pic of everything so far:

After work I made a trip to 4D Modelshop to buy some more ePVC sheets - I'll be cutting a base for the "impassable" terrain piece to go on and also cutting some strips for roads and rivers..I also picked up a Foam Factory 2-in-1 hot-wire kit which includes a cutter/router and a hot-knife. The former will be the most useful as it gives a larger "throat" for cutting and sculpting.


  1. Tamsin, I found that air drying clay lifted at the edges while drying, causing a warping of the board edge. Does ePVC help avoid that?

  2. Sorry to hear that you've not been on top form, looks like you are getting back on track now.

  3. I have experienced the same trouble with air-drying clay as Norm. I usually model something separately, then have to glue it to a base and fill gaps. Very long winded.

  4. @ Norm - yup, I'd forgotten that. When I saw your comment yesterday I checked and they'd warped. I have been able to recover them though :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Jon - that's what I've ended up doing with the dunes; for the field and plantation ditches I've got an idea... :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

  5. What is ePVC? Is that foam board? Im making desert dunes for FOW.