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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Desert Terrain Day 12

And I've almost finished the terrain pieces. Just the plateau, river and road pieces to go. And adding tufts and scrub to various pieces. And crops and palms to the fields and plantations. I might also go back and tint various rocks to add some variety.

Anyway, here are the nearly-finished pieces:

Steep hill and gentle hills
Fields and plantations

Sand dunes and gully
Scrub and village bases

This afternoon I've been making tufts to add to them. I started off doing 2mm tufts on some A6 pieces of two potential backing materials - the backing sheets from adhesive flexometal that I use to line boxes for troop storage and glossy photo paper (12 x A4 sheets from the pound shop). Then I did some mixed 2mm/4mm tufts on the foil backed parchment that I've been using.

Bottom left = flexometal backing; Bottom right = glossy photo paper
The next test for the two trial pieces is how easily the tufts will come off - that will need to wait until tomorrow to give the tacky glue time to cure. However, like I saw previously with OHP film and plastic from punched-pockets, the flexometal backing appeared to develop a static charge on the surface which meant lots of the static grass loosely adhered even where there was no glue.

After letting them settle for a bit I did a small sheet of 4mm tufts on the foil-parchment:

Provided the tufts on the test backings peel off easily,

Tomorrow afternoon (and into the evening), I'll be at the club for a big game of King of the Battlefield - all those Russians I painted up during the Challenge will get their first blooding!


  1. Very impressive and nicely done 👍

  2. Great looking desert scenery especially those hills.

  3. Excellent work Tamsin can't wait to see them on the battlefield.

  4. You are certainly making great progress Tamsin.

  5. Great series of postings Tamsin, and they should go a long way to making your desert tabletop look awesome!!

  6. Great terrain, and I continue to follow your Flockbox experiments with interest. I think I need to upgrade my own power supply as well.

  7. Great work! I wonder how you discern your steep hills from the gentle hills (given this is necessary for your ruleset)? Is it simply the shape of the hill or do you place some kind of markers?

  8. Thanks all! :)

    @ Maerk - I made the gentle hills using 10mm styrofoam and the steep hill with 25mm so they are easy to distinguish :)

  9. Great pictures Tamsin. It was good to see you as always and you certainly had a good shopping experience! I bought more than planned this year, but not necessarily what I expected!


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