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Saturday, 1 April 2017

In The Jungle

I bought some things today:

No, I'm not abandoning wargaming for a new plant-based hobby. These plastic plants (from Ikea and Homebase) are a source of foliage for my Junglegrave project. I've also ordered a few bits off Amazon.

Some close-ups on individual bits:

I think this one will be used on terrain pieces as creepers.

I've made a start on grabbing bits from the balls and pots ready for use when I get some bases (of various shapes and sizes) to stick them onto. They'll also get dotted onto terrain pieces. I suspect that I'll have much more here than I actually need!

It's also provided a couple of "tree trunks" to mix in.

Over the next few days my plan is to work on some desert terrain pieces for use with my Nubians (and eventually Sea Peoples) as well as with the Buccaneers (note to self - must actually finish painting that army!).


  1. I will follow this with interest.


  2. Hello Tamsin,
    You can get really cheap Jungle on eBay. Comes from China and takes about a week.


  3. Lots of variation there Tamsin, looking forward to seeing it coming together.

  4. Nice variety there. it will look fab

  5. A resourceful girl you are looking forward to seeing this all completed.

  6. Good start Tamsin, I too have just started some jungle-type terrain.
    Poundland have some excellent topiary bally of about 40-50 pieces identical to the one in your second picture and H&M have some suitable ones too, very cheap.

  7. I was getting worried for a second.....

  8. @ John dtn - it might be a while before I get onto this terrain, maybe in the summer :)

    @ Miles - I wish I could take credit for the idea, but other people have led the way :)

    @ Simon J - I may well do that for the trees; I need to get some desert palms as well :)

    @ Michael A - yup, plenty of variety there :)

    @ Simon Q - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - I'm just filching other people's ideas :)

    @ Zabadak - at the moment I'm just getting the bits together. I'm assuming you mean B&M rather than H&M ;)
    I've been looking in local pound shops for a while for this sort of thing, but they never seem to have any :(

    @ Alessandro - sadly not my own idea, just following in the footsteps of others :)

    @ Urban Bunny - well, you should know me better than that! ;)

    1. What can I say, I have sausages for fingers and 'H' and 'B' are far too close together on the keyboard!