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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Russian Musketeers Day 4

According to yesterday's post I was going to pop the musketeers off the painting sticks this evening. I didn't. That's because I popped them off this morning. That allowed me to glue them on the bases when I got home from work, then a few hours later I was able to add the basing gunk. that will allow me to do the drybrushing and flocking tomorrow night.

While I was waiting for the glue to set, I decided to get the supers ready for priming. First up I had to select which heads to put on them and then glue them onto the bodies. With that done I glued them onto some 25mm plastic bases for while I paint them. Then stuck them on top of some pill canisters with white-tack to make them easier to hold while painting.

I'll get out the airbrush set up later this week to prime them and maybe to do basecoats.

So, what colour schemes will I be painting them in? Well, Clint said that they'd make a great break from the SYW Russians, and I replied:

With the infantry, artillery, fusilier and hussar uniforms (cuirassiers and dragoon uniforms are ruled out because of all the buff - that's hardly a superhero colour now, is it?) I should be able to come up with some fun costumes.


  1. Fab stuff yet again Tamsin, and Superheroes now too. I do like my capes as well you know and these look terrific. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with these :-)

  2. You didn't hang around there Tamsin, fantastic work.

  3. I suspect any comment by me would have very very little impact on your work/paint schedule. I really do think you would have started these just when you wanted NO MATTER WHAT I SAID.

    But I do feel good to be acknowledged, so Thank you.

  4. Is that glue on the bases? So thick?
    And those Superheroes look awesome!


  5. @ Blax - cheers! The supers should be fun to paint, capes 'n all :)

    @ Michael A - well, with so much in the leadpile to paint, I can't hang around :)

    @ Clint - your comment didn't affect the schedule, just the choice of colours :)

    @ Loki - cheers! :)

    @ Peter - not glue, it's pumice gel with some brown ink mixed in. That's the basing texture mix I've been using for these :)