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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Back From Partizan (be warned - lots and lots of pics)

Well, what a great day I've had - it truly made up for the early Sunday start to catch the train to Newark. I had to wait a while for a cab to turn up in the taxi rank and there were two guys in the queue ahead of me. When they told the cabbie they wanted to go to the showground I quickly asked if they were going to Partizan and they were, so we shared the cab. They were Queenslanders on a European trip and had decided to take in Partizan while they were over here. So, to Dave and Shaun - if you read this, I do hope you enjoyed the show.

Not having been to the previous venue, I can't comment on that, but the new venue is possibly the best I've been to for a show. It was roomy, and the lighting was perfect for taking pics - lots of natural light through the windows and skylight panels and the artificial lights seemed to be daylight balanced. That meant no fiddling about with the camera to try to get the light balance (and ending up with a lot of blurry pics). Just point and click.

At 1pm we had the inaugural Northern meetup of bloggers which was quite well attended. There were a few other bloggers at the show, but they weren't able to get away from their games.

So, some meetup pics to kick things off:

DaveD taking a pic of me taking a pic of ....

Left to right in pic below: Curt, Loki (hiding at the back), Sidney Roundwood, Gareth(?), Ian, Tom(?), me (kneeling), DaveD, Craig Cartmell, Gary Amos, (forgot your name - how embarassing; kneeling), Martin C, Pete (Panzerkaput)
Thanks to Lady Sarah for taking the pic with my camera!)
Other bloggers who were at the show who didn't make it into these pics: Simon Miller, Henry Hyde, Roy Williamson(?), Graham (Cran Tara), Mike Whitaker, RedTroop...I'm sure there were some others. I know I kept getting stopped for a chat by people who read or follow my blog.

After arriving I decided to get pics of all the games before doing any shopping. OK, so I did do some shopping in between taking pics, but not a lot.

Aggro! (Ainsty Castings):

Saga (Gripping Beast):

The Chicago Way (Great Escape Games):

Leicester Phat Cats?

Kings of War (Mantic Games):

Blitzkrieg Miniatures:



Wargames Developments:

Grantham Strategy Club?:

The Men Who Would Be King (Peterborough Wargames Club):

Raft Racing (KB Club?):

Chariot Racing (KB Club?):

Wings of Glory (Wings of Glory Aerodrome):

Sails of Glory (Wings of Glory Aerodrome):


Minions Racing (RAF Wargames Association):


7TV (Crooked Dice):


The Bunker:

Nottingham Wargames Club:


Frostgrave (North Star):



This game really stood out - what an inspired idea!:

That's right - clothes pegs!

Battle of the Somme (Kallistra):

WSS (Grimsby Wargames Club):

Napoleonic Anglo-Dutch Wars Naval (Grimsby Wargames Club):

Taken a bit later on
2nd St Albans (Like a Stonewall Games):

ACW (Bramley Barns Wargames Club):

Perry Miniatures:

Battle of Cisercium(?) using "To The Strongest" (Simon Miller):

I promised not to let on that this was actually a fantasy battle...
Caliver Books:

AWI game (Steve Jones):

Underground in a Maginot Line fort at Fort Vaux, Verdun (James Morris/Lenton Gamer):

VBCW (Very British Civil Forum - Panzerkaput et al):

Sharpe Practice 2 (??):



League of Gentlemen Alchemists?

It's the little details that give games terrain the extra "je ne sais quoi"
French Indo-China (Westbury Wargames):

Graham Cummings/Crann Tara Miniatures:

Mansfield Wargames Club:

Sharp Practice (Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society):

Once the bloggers meetup was over, another round of the games and the traders was in order. I then joined Curt, Lady Sarah, Sidney Roundwood and DaveD in repairing for an amiable Sunday afternoon meal at the Prince Rupert in Newark. We shared starts of breaded whitebait and baked Camembert (that's two separate starters!), followed by the Rupert Bar Board (pork pie, Lincolnshire pork sausages, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and warm bread with onion gravy, mustard and pickles). Excellent food and more than excellent company. I took this pic as we left the pub:

They then dropped me off at the station to catch my train. The next train, the 17.18 from Edinburgh was delayed and would actually arrive after the 17.45 train from Leeds. I caught the latter and got home a bit before 8pm, promptly taking pics of my loot:

More markers and a second deck for "The Chicago Way"

Painting supplies

MDF bases

Blue Moon 15mm SYW Russians

The show freebie figure

A box full of bubblewrap?

No! It was my "tribute" figure from Curt for helping with the Challenge! *big grin*

Of course Curt got my Curtgeld figure along with a pack of Copplestone Beat Cops I'd picked up for him at Salute and another present - he is now the proud owner of the "Oblitterator".

As I said at the start, a thoroughly enjoyable day out.


  1. Great pictures and review, thanks!

  2. Great photos. I never realised I was so tall! ūüėČ

  3. Great to meet you. Lunch sounded great

  4. Looks like a great show! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos!

  5. A wonderful show and report - color me very jealous

  6. Fabulous photos. Thanks fir sharing and glad you had a good day.

    And the food sounds lovely.

  7. Excellent photos of a very interesting show. A great day out!

    Cheers, Ross

  8. Really nice to meet you at the show. It was a terrific day and thoroughly enjoyable.

  9. We never got the chance to chat, good to see you though


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ian ...ould have only shown off his pike blocks

  10. You weren't joking about the number of photos you took. Looks like a great show too.

  11. Hello Tamsin,
    Yes, I was there, but spent a lot of my day hanging around the Col. Bills (and son) stall.
    I was being a bit of a misery, yesterday, to be honest, and so didn't want to spoil anybody else's day.

  12. What a great days out - nice eye candy and great company.
    Plus some loot to help you remember it!

    Thanks for sharing Tamsin

  13. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous - very envious, but great to see through your photographs.

  14. What a great selection of pictures of some great games - thanks for sharing.
    (You loot haul was fairly impressive too btw)

  15. Fantastic Tamsin , it seems you had a worth while visit, great pictures! do you have any more information on the Underground in a Maginot Line fort . Cheers ,


    1. Sorry for jumping in Tamsin, but...
      It wasn't a Maginot Line fort, but was Fort Vaux from the Battle of Verdun in 1916 (though TBF the heroic French defence did lead to some of the inspiration for the Maginot defences).
      James Morris staged the game and I helped out a bit on the day. There's a few pictures on my blog if you're interested.

    2. I thought that sounded wrong, but recall someone mentioning the Maginot Line when talking about it to another "viewer".

      Thanks for the correction :)

    3. Thank you TWD ! Fort Vaux , It makes sense now! what Wonderful work , I will rush over to your blog and have a look , What rules did you base the game on? A bit like WW1 D&D !

  16. Good pictures Tamsin, including plenty of stuff I missed!
    I watched the blogger meet unfold from over by Fort Vaux.
    The AWI game was indeed Steve Jones

  17. Tamsin, great to meet you and I'm glad you had a great day out.
    Thanks for all the pics lets me see what I missed :)

  18. Nice to see pictures of shows in other parts of the country (and world). Great that you were involved in the Bloggers meet and what great loot you walked away with. It looks like a grand day out.

  19. it was indeed a cracking day out - and hopefully now part of the Blogger meet up fixture list!

    it was also great to carry on into the pub after with the SnowLord and Lady Sarah.. until next time!

  20. Great pictures- thanks for sharing them. Shame I missed out on the day.



  21. Great pictures, bloggers, loot and tribute figures Tamsin!

  22. @ Chasseur - cheers! :)

    @ Gary - that's just perspective. The others were shorter than you or kneeling ;)
    Good to meet you mate :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! Lunch was good :)

    @ Tim - it was and you're welcome :)

    @ Miles - I'm sure that one of these days you'll be around when there's a show on :)

    @ Da Gobbo Grotto - it was a good show from a games point of view; trader-wise it seemed more limited, but that may just be the size of the venue compared to others I've been to :)

    @ Herbert - thanks! :)

    @ Ross - cheers! Glad to share them :)

    @ Paul - really nice to meet you too. Your WSS game looked superb :)

    @ Ian - yeah, shame we didn't get a chance for a natter. Maybe another time? :)
    Dave - I do hope that isn't some smutty euphemism! :o ;)

    @ Ashley - I never kid about the number of piccies! I'm pretty sure I got at least one photo of every game :)

    @ Roy - I did hear someone mention your name at the meetup, but didn't get to say hi. Maybe we'll meet some other time? :)

    @ Paul - I enjoyed my trip "up North (of Watford)" and had a great day out :)

    @ Michael A - no need to be envious - I'm sure you can make it to a show that I won't get to :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks! :)

    @ Jerry J - cheers. It looks like TWD has answered your question. There are a number of posts about the game on the interweb if you do a Google search :)

    @ TWD - cheers Tom and thanks for the C&Cs :)

    @ Graham C - it was nice to meet you. That was a lovely looking game you had :)

    @ Clint - cheers! The loot haul was surprisingly modest for me :)

    @ Dave D - indeed it was. Some good craic in the pub afterwards as well :)

    @ Pete - cheers! I'd definitely recommend it as a show to go to :)

    @ Francis - thanks! :)

  23. It was a fabulous day out and it was wonderful to visit with you again Tamsin. Thanks so much for the figure and the Obliterator is awesome. Here's to next time!

  24. Tamsin, always a pleasure to meet you and chat. I have borrowed one of your pics for my post via linky thigny url and have put a link to this post for people to get a better heads up so hope you dont mind :)

  25. An excellent review and nice pictures, looks like a really good time was had. Of all the shows I used to attend (before my joints decided I am not allowed to do things real boys can. :-P) the Partizans are the ones I really miss. I must admit while I understood the reasons for the move I did worry that the loss of Kelham Halls "quirky" atmosphere might affect the show. From what I've read here and elsewhere I was wrong. Not that that is unusual. Hopefully I will get back soon. Thanks for the post.


  26. Great pics Tamsin. Nice to hear that the show was a success in its new venue. Shame I couldn't make it.

  27. Great post, Tamsin. Lovely to see you at the show, albeit briefly (I can't remember the last time I had a day at a show like that where I was so busy and the time went so fast) and I see that you managed to get some piccies of some of the smaller games that I missed, so well done!

    I'll be emailing you soon, so keep your ears to the train tracks... or something! :-D

  28. Looks like a great show and you made excellent pictures of it! Thanks for sharing!


  29. @ Curt - always a pleasure! I thought you'd like the Oblitterator as an extra gift :D

    @ Loki - good to see you too mate :)

    @ Fatman - thanks! Not having been to Partizan when it was at Kelham Hall, I can't compare the two venues. All I can say is that this venue worked well, especially for those of us taking pics :)

    @ Carl - cheers! I'd definitely go again, but would make sure to book train tickets in advance - I almost had a heart attack when I heard the price for buying on the day! :)

    @ Henry - it's always good to see you, but a shame we didn't get time for a proper chat. That must be an occupational hazard for you at shows. If you want to borrow any of my pics of the games you missed, let me know which ones and I'll email you the originals which are 1600x1200 pixels :)
    As for putting my ears to the train tracks, I'm not going to fall for that one - I've seen what happens to characters who do that in cartoons! ;)

    @ Peter - thanks! It was a great show with a good atmosphere :)

  30. A splendid report!
    Many thanks for sharing those excellent pictures.

  31. Great blog, I stumbled across it after seeing pics of the Patizan meet up so I've been looking up blogs. I shall be watching this from now on, it's a great blog to aspire to.

  32. Terrific pics Tamsin. And a great haul to boot!

  33. Great pictures of what looks to have been a great event! I really need to put this one on my "must see" list. Thanks!

  34. Awesome pictures! I hope you enjoyed Partizan. We just finished our "Enfilade!" convention here in Washington State.