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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Russian Musketeers Day 3 - Almost Done

Well, I didn't get quite as far with the painting yesterday as I'd hoped, but I managed to finish them this evening. Including the varnish:

I'll be popping them off the painting sticks tomorrow evening (I know from the grenadiers that I'll have to let them soak in a shallow bath of warm water to loosen the PVA first). Once they're dried off, I'll be sticking them onto bases with superglue. The basing gunk will probably have to wait until Wednesday evening, then drybrushing and flocking on Thursday.

I'm actually going to have 6 figures left over from this batch, but I have a plan for them. It's actually the exact number I'll need for it, which is very handy.


  1. What.....? You mean figure manufactures had the exact amount of figures you need! That never happens... never ever! At least not for me.

  2. All coming along nicely Tamsin.

  3. These look wonderful Tamsin. I sorely tempted myself.

  4. These look wonderful Tamsin. I sorely tempted myself.

  5. Excellent work again Tamsin! So Thursday or Friday I can see them next to the Grenadiers! :-D


  6. Good progress. Those look really good.

  7. Cracking work Tamsin. Absolutely cracking. I can't get over over the detail you manage to paint; just look at those drummers!!! :-)

  8. @ Clint - that's not quite the case. You'll find out what I'm talking about in a few weeks time :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Jon - cheers! You tempted yourself - does that make you an auto-incubus? ;)

    @ Peter - thanks! Possibly even sooner than that - they might be finished tomorrow :)

    @ Stefan - cheers! :)

    @ Blax - thanks! As for how much detail I manage, you forget how used to painting 15mm I am, and having nice sculpts helps :)