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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bombs Away!

Well, not bombs actually. This morning I finally got round to posting out the figures to four of the winners from my prize draw. And the figure I owed Dux from the 2014/15 Challenge. And a surprise gift for someone else.

On Thursday I was at the club for a WWI naval game. We've been playing a few games of smaller actions leading up to a refight of Jutland. Thursday's game (my first in the series) was Dogger Bank. I did take pics so I might do a brief report on the game in the next few days.

Today I've been mostly painting 15mm SYW Russian musketeers. Two regiments of them. I've actually got quite a bit done and I should be able to finish painting them tomorrow (maybe not the flags though).

Once they are done I've still got the artillery, two regiments of hussars, two of cuirassiers and some generals ready to go. And another four regiments of musketeers which I've just finished prepping. Not to forget some cossacks, but I have't worked out exactly how I want to do them. I want them to look fairly irregular, so I might wait until the Blue Moon ones are released. I'm also thinking of adding some variety to the hussars by mixing some Blue Moon in with the Essex.

However, after the current batch of musketeers I'll be painting something a little bit different - the superheroes/villains I bought at Salute for a friend at work. Lots of bright colours and extreme highlighting to try to capture the graphic novel look.


  1. These look nice to! Can't wait to see them next to the Grenadiers!


  2. Supers could be fun to paint and should look very different to these Russian 15mms. I like the diversity of projects, SYW, Junglegrave, Salutesville Koreans and many more.

  3. Now I wondered what you had been up to young lady, these are splendid and so many of them!

  4. Lovely brushwork. And I'd love to hear what you've been up at at Dogger - just teaching WW1 at sea for my Coursework at the moment.

  5. Coming along very nicely. A sizable army when all complete I'm thinking.

  6. @ Peter - thanks! Just for you, I'll take some pics next to the grenadiers when they're done :)

    @ Clint - "Challenge...accepted!" You do realise that I'm now going to paint those supers in Russian SYW colour schemes don't you? ;)

    @ Michael A - cheers! There are only 42 of them. That's a small batch by my standards! :)

    @ Herbert - thanks! I probably have less of a clue than you about Dogger. I just tried to manoeuvre my ships to best effect and hope & pray :)

    @ Francis - cheers old chap! :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! When these are done, it will take my army up to 12 foot and 6 cavalry - still a way to go until it's complete :)

  7. Hi Tamsin. The package arrived and a big thank you is required. A lovely prize to reinforce my troops.
    Thank you