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Monday, 30 May 2016

A Somewhat Productive Day

Thank goodness for public holidays. Having the day off work means I've been able to be quite productive.

I had been planning to take my SYW hussars, cuirassiers and commanders to work this week to prime them with grey Halfords primer, but the weather forecast doesn't look too promising for that. So, this morning I decided to prime them using the airbrush.

After that was done I needed to enter a couple of FoGR army lists into the standard spreadsheet. I've been cajoled into attending the Southern League match next Sunday. the theme is "Warriors" - any non-European (includes Buccaneers) list from the Cities of Gold and Colonies & Conquests books, with a minimum 16 bases of Warriors and a maximum 12 bases of battle cavalry. I've decided to take Koreans - it's a good excuse to get them out onto the table for three games. After deciding which of the two lists to use, I duly submitted it by email.

This afternoon I started the detailing work on the NSL vehicles - the dull colours first, followed by a wash of Army Painter strong tone (diluted to 50% to help it flow). I needed to let the wash dry for a few hours before finishing the detailing, so I took a break. Here's a pic taken just after applying the wash:

I wanted to make a start on the cavalry and commanders, so after my break I knocked on with painting the horses. I got all the basecoats done by early evening, then took another break. I still need to do the manes, tails and points for the chestnuts, bays and grey. Once those are done, it will be the wash step. I'm leaving that for tomorrow evening. Here's a pic of how I've left them:

After another short break for a spot of dinner, I carried on with the detailing on the NSL vehicles. It's all finished now. I just need to varnish them and do the basing. As the spray varnish will need decent weather, that may have to wait a few days.


  1. I love how your NSL vehicles turned out!

  2. Forty-two cav at one go? Incredible!

  3. As productive as always. Keep it coming.

  4. Now that's how you use a bank holiday, excellent progress!

  5. THat is what you call impressive for a days painting :)

  6. I do love the airbrushing of your NSL vehicles,

  7. @ Ted Henkle - they're not quite finished! Thanks! :)

    @ Jonathan Freitag - 42 cavalry in one go isn't too unusual for me. However, once the horse flesh is done (and their tack) I'll be splitting them into three groups for finishing - hussars, cuirassiers and commanders :)

    @ Clint - cheers; will do :)

    @ Michael A - I'll do my best m'Lord :)

    @ Francis - thanks! It's certainly one way to use a bank holiday, but I could just as easily have been gaming if I hadn't had a cold :)

    @ Loki - not impressive compared to some of my painting days, but still pretty good :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! I really should have taken pics to show with and without the Army Painter ink side-by-side to show off the colour modulation :)

  8. And then I'm pleased I could finish 10 figures in a week! Nice progress on the hovers! Also looking forward to that cavalry!
    PS: take more hollidays! :-D


  9. Looking good, some of us had to work though :-(