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Friday, 6 May 2016

Pics from Monday's Game

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted. I won't bother with a proper AAR because it wasn't really that sort of game.

On Monday, four of us gathered for a large game of King of the Battlefield. Stan and John were first to arrive at 12.30 and had set up a 12' x 4' table and deployed the first corps to arrive by 1.30. Stan had Prussians, John had a bunch of German states. At some point after that, Gavin arrived and joined in to help out John. I arrived at 3.30 with my Russians, so Gavin switched sides and brought on a second corps of Prussians. Sadly for me, his corps was quite a bit bigger than mine (but some of his infantry was second class - one hit and "pooff!" they're gone, so that did balance things out a bit.

I think we played for about 6 hours, with a short break while Gavin went to the chippy to get some food for us all.

Anyway, here are the pics with captions where I can remember what was happening.

3 hours in for the original corps

My Russian corps arrives and starts deploying; Gavin's Prussians also arrive

With hindsight, I wouldn't have sent my cavalry off on a long flank march

Cuirassiers blocking off Prussian dragoons trying to sneak through a gap in the woods

The infantry action is hotting up. One of my brigades is failing to deploy to line

Deployed at last!

Keep an eye on those Prussian light infantry going into the woods

The cavalry melee here resulted in both sides breaking off

Horse grenadiers replace the cuirassiers to block those Prussian dragoons

In a surprise result, the Prussian light foot charged my grenadiers (the old ones) in the flank, causing both to break

My hussars beat his hussars in a melee
I did have more pics, but they were all a bit blurry.

The end result was a marginal win for the Prussians. If we'd fought on a few more turns, there was a good chance that my Russians would have beaten Gavin's Prussians, but John's Germans were about to be rolled up by Stan's Prussians.

Anyway, tomorrow will be a very early start to go to Milton Keynes for Campaign. As there is a tournament rule that you can't have more superior/elite bases than you have average/poor bases the only way my Swiss could be "legal" was to take the maximum possible light foot and just three small keils of pikemen. I do have some light horse, some gendarmes and some light artillery but they're not going to be able to do very much - the gendarmes' main role will be to protect the rear of the pike keils.

So, three games tomorrow and two on Sunday. I don't expect any of my games will go the full three hours (No, Miss P, I expect you to die!), which means I should have plenty of time to wander around the demo and participation games, grab lunch, maybe do some shopping.


  1. Looks like a great game - enjoy Campaign!

  2. Thanks for the battle report. The 7yw seems to provide interesting games.

  3. Sounded and looked like a damn good game Tamsin!

  4. Good luck for the weekend. Give em hell

  5. Great to see a batrep on your blog Tamsin. Good luck in Milton Keynes.....sounds like you're gonna need it???

  6. Have a great time and best of luck Tamsin.

  7. Great looking game! Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your weekend!


  8. "maybe do some shopping"
    Hmmm... Your real motive for going along perhaps? :-)

  9. @ Paul - it was a good game :)

    @ David - thanks! Thse big game sof King of the Battlefield are always good fun as they are very relaxed :)

    @ Francis - it was, it was! :)

    @ Martin - cheers! By "hell", I presume you mean the "easy victories" definition as that is what they were likely to get [and indeed they did get] ;)

    @ Ray - thanks! They have been few and far between, haven't they? :)

    @ Michael A - thank you! :)

    @ Gordon - they've been known to play even bigger games :)

    @ Peter - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - actually, the traders at Campaign aren't ones I'd normally buy much from, so shopping isn't a major reason to attend. A lot of traders don't book space there as there isn't enough trade for it to be worth their while.