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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Norman Dux

I don't think I mentioned it in my posts earlier this week, but I've been painting up my Norman Dux from Conquest Games since finishing Simon's Spetsnaz. By the way, I handed them over to him on Thursday night at the club and he was mightily pleased with them.

Anyway, back to the Dux. I went for a full-on 3 (or more) layer approach for most of this and finished painting him last night. Then I made the mistake of doing a Klear/ink coat which has obscured some of the highlights and shading. IT still looks good though. Today I've sprayed with matt varnish, then used brush-on satin varnish on the horse flesh and some of the metalwork. Then I finished off the basing with tufts and flocking.

So, some pics.

I had planned to go to Warfare in Reading yesterday or today. Yesterday I was still tired (very busy week at work) so intended to go today instead. Unfortunately I seem to have picked up a cold which kicked in late last night. I was no better this morning, so no Warfare for me. There were a few things I had wanted to pick up, so I'll just have to order them online.

Next up on the painting table will be the Seleucid elephants, followed by the Xystophoroi cavalry.


  1. Oh nice looking guy, looking forward to the Nellies

    Pity about Reading. Now Reading has come and gone I am hoping my Kickstater will arrive soon


  2. Thats a really nicely posed horsemen. The panitjob looks great I really like the shield pattern as well.

  3. He looks great Tamsin. I normally do a brighter highlight than I want, then wash it. This tends to bring it back down, as you discovered. After that is when I go back and highlight it.

  4. Beautiful dux, looking fierce!

  5. Great work Tamsin, I am expecting stunning courer de bois :)

  6. Top work Tamsin, the basing is a bit special too!

  7. Really nice work, Tamsin - I've yet to master the art of painting horses, so all the more admiration for those who can!

  8. Perfect !!
    I like the horse and the shield (hand-painted heraldic ?)

  9. That's a great figure. You did an excellent job on it. I just received one in the mail last week and I look forward to painting it.

  10. Lovely work Tamsin. I really like the idea of a low sheen on the horse coat, I'll have to give that a try myself. The basing is superb too.

  11. Nice work Tamsin, I like the sheen effect on the horse.

  12. Glad you all like the finished article.

    @ Ian - the nellies have gone into the stripping pot (I spotted a problem with the assembly as I was painting them), so I might crack on with the coureurs.

    @ Simon Q and Sam Wise - the shield design is hand painted. Glad you think it looks good.

    @ AHunt - I'm used to the Klear/ink knocking everything back a notch, but I'm kicking myself that it has obscured some of the highlighting/deep-shading that I'd worked so hard to get right. A case of brain not fully engaged when I did it.

    @ Andrew - gulp! Hopefully my coureurs will meet your new expectations!

    @ Ev - horses aren't that difficult really. It's mainly a case of getting the colourings and markings right. I've had plenty of practice painting horses though as almost all my armies have been cavalry heavy (the Swiss being the exception).

    @ The Kiwi - it's a lovely figure. I look forward to seeing yours when it's painted.

    @ Michael - horse coats should have a sheen, except for some of the wild breeds. Even better would have been to add a sweat/slobber effect, but that was just too much effort!

  13. Great paint job. looks very dashing...

  14. Hi Tamsin,

    very, very nice Norman. Excellent paintjob!


  15. Oh yes very nice Tamsin. Good Norman figures are very rewarding to paint.