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Thursday, 7 November 2013

WIP: Simon's Spetsnaz

Oh, well. I did take my camera to the club on Monday but forgot to take any pictures of the game, so I won't bother with an AAR.

I've been feeling tired every evening this week, so haven't made any progress on painting since Sunday night. I had managed to get a decent way through the Spetsnaz figures though. I'd previously done the base colour for the uniform. On Sunday I painted the flesh, hair boots, hood lining and the classic blue/white hooped T-shirt for figures where it was showing at the neck.

So, here's a pic of them in their current state:

Given how tired I've been feeling all week, I'm going to have to give Blog-Con a miss. I had been planning to go up for the Sunday, but I'm probably best off catching up on sleep. To everyone who is going, I hope you all have a great time.


  1. Nice models. I cannot wait to see them finished..
    For what kind of rules they are??
    No sleep?? Maybe try it this way:

  2. When I studied at University I found the easiest way to get to sleep was to read my chemistry text books. Worked every time.

  3. Sorry your not up to the trip but I think you are right to relax at home.

    I live on the door step and feel like poop but will make the effort because I don't have the journey. Next week I will pay though

    Take care


  4. Shame you're not going Tamsin; would have been good to meet you.

    If you want to catch up on sleep I'll get my wife to ring you and talk about work. It usually puts me in a coma . . .

  5. Nice looking figures Tamsin, shame you can't make Blog-Con!

  6. Sorry to hear you can't go girl.

  7. Enjoy the snooze...pre-empt it with a generous GnT!

  8. OMG who will keep Fran and Ray on the straight and narrow if you don't go to Blog -Con? I was counting on you! Gulp! It could all go so terribly wrong now!

    Get some sleep, recharge the batteries then next week tackle life again like a Duracell Bunny! Gertcha!

  9. You take it easy and get well soon.

  10. Thanks all for the concern about my fatigue. It's not that I'm getting any less sleep than normal, it's just not seemed to be refreshing. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon though.

    @ Markus - I suspect Simon will be using them for Force on Force.

  11. Looks promising. I'm looking forward to see more progress soon.