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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Five More Post-Apoc Survivors

I did mean to post during the week - honest! - but never got around to it. Hopefully I'll get back to posting more often from now on.

Anyhoos, this week I've managed to get quite a bit done. The Seleucids have been prepped and primed. I did have an accident with one of the pikemen for the howdahs - the arms were slightly out of line for holding the pikes, so I was gently bending them when one snapped at the elbow. I gave up trying to fix it back in place, mainly because it pinged out of the tweezers I was holding it with and I then couldn't find it. Instead I glued the pike in place and sculpted the missing arm with Squadron Green putty. It looks a little bit rough, but hopefully won't be noticeable once it's crammed into the howdah with the other figures.

Five More Post-Apoc Survivors

And these complete the figures Donogh sent me. I finished painting the final two last night. Today I sprayed them with matt varnish then went over parts of them with gloss or satin varnish to make them "pop" a bit.

All Together:


Before the zombie plague struck, Ken was the private security officer for a small gated community. Previously looked down on by the wealthy residents, his position has reversed and he has become their effective leader as he was the only one with any military experience and knowledge of weapons.


Dionne was a big fan of the Matrix movies and decided to go for the "Trinity" look when the outbreak struck. Having been on the school gymnastics team, she easily learnt how to do fancy martial arts-type spinning moves whilst firing her two automatic pistols.


Sadie was always reading detective stories as a child and has become very much the investigator of the community, making forays into the nearby city's public buildings and abandoned military bases trying to unearth clues and materials that will help the community survive. She managed to find a silencer for her machine pistol as she doesn't want the sound of shooting zombies to attract others - this has helped keep her alive on more than one occasion.


Twelve-year old Alex is the only daughter of a wealthy Chinese family and attended the local private school. She was always a bit rebellious and very into rock music (anything to annoy her parents) but still loves her cuddly toy panda.


Oakley was an outsider who helped rescue a foraging party from the community and was invited to join them - anyone who can hack zeds with an axe or slice them with a katana whilst shooting others with a shotgun is more than welcome. However, his background is still very much a mystery. Where did he come from? Why does he hate the zeds so much?

I've actually has great fun painting all of these up for Donogh, despite the challenges of being pushed far beyond my painting comfort zone. I'll be packing and posting them off to him this week.

Plans for this week

Tomorrow night I've got another practice game for Usk and I will try to take pics and post an AAR this week.

Now that Donogh's figures are finished it will be Simon's Spetsnaz that are next up on the painting table. If I'm lucky I'll finish them by next weekend.

I'll also be trying to get the rest of the Sarmatians prepped.


  1. Great job Tamsin. Well done on these they are all great. The version of Sadie you've done is one of my favourites!

  2. Those are damn good Tamsin, these Spetsnaz you keep talking about, who makes them?

  3. These do look good, shame about the pike man but that's war


  4. I have to agree with Simon they all look great - though Ken is my favourite, the gold earling makes all the difference. Shame he wasn't smiling and was sporting a gold tooth too Lol.

  5. Great figures, everyone of them. Love the rent-a-cop gone rouge; Sadie's flashlight pose is cool; Oakley looks like he could be Bruce Campbell. Best, Dean

  6. @ Simon - I like that figure too, definitely my favourite of this batch. Doing the flashlight wasn't easy though.

    @ Fran - cheers! I thought they were from Eureka, but I've just checked and they're from Rebel Minis

    @ Ian - he's definitely a casualty of war :(

    @ Dannoc - Ken's one of my favourites here too. I thought the gold earrings would be a nice touch of bling for the figure

    @ DeanM - cheers! Ken's hardly gone rogue - he's the community's combat leader!

  7. They are all good, but got to say I like the pink high-lights in Alex's hair the best. Very effective and characterful. I wish I had thought to do that.

  8. Wonderful Tamsin, I particularly like the shiny black coat Dionne is wearing, very Trintyesque!

  9. Those are some nice survivors, but I am hoping to see more of the Seleucids; I do like a nice war elephant, such a great centrepiece for a Successor army.

    Please, keep us posted!

  10. Great work Tamsin, looking forward to the Seleucids

  11. Top work there Tamsin and I love their back stories

  12. @ Clint - on the left side she has the tips dyed purple :)

    @ Michael - thank you sir! I thought Dionne was going to be tricky to do as Donogh had specified "all black". I cracked it by using thin black washes over different base colours then highlighting with the base. It seems to have worked nicely.

    @ Andrew - Seleucids will be a few weeks coming. I want to get the BfC figures painted, plus some Saga figures done first.

    @ PK - the back stories are there more as something to say about the figures. You never know - Donogh may decide to run with them in his games :)

  13. Very cool!
    Oh, and I think those background will definitely be used now that you've gone to the trouble of writing them

  14. Really nice job on the Survivors Tamsin.

  15. @ Rodger - cheers!

    @ Donogh - glad you like these ones as well. I'm also glad you like the background stories - they're brief, so plenty of opportunity to flesh them out for your games.

    @ Carl - thanks! :)

  16. These are a great group of survivors. The last one has that B movie hero Bruce Campbell look about him. Love it.

  17. @ Chris - you're the second person to note that about "Oakley". I just looked him up and I can see what you mean.

  18. @Chris et al
    Hasslefree are basing Oakley in Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. The other version of him has a chainsaw at the end of his arm instead of holding an axe

  19. They look good, Tamsin.
    I'm looking forward to your AAR.


  20. Wow ! Great looking figures Tamsin!