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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Those Pesky Kids!

Ermmm, yes, I did say a couple of weeks ago that I'd post these pics. However, it was only yesterday that I got round to spraying them with matt varnish. I might go over some parts with brush-on gloss varnish to make them "pop" a bit.

The Crew of the Enigma Engine:

Travelling around the country in the Enigma Engine (Wolsey's psychedelically painted van), these 4 friends and their faithful Great Dane are seeking to find the cause of and a cure for the zombie plague that has devastated the nation.

Will they discover what is behind the outbreak and will they get to do the big reveal at the end?


Look - just because the zombie apocalypse has arrived, there is no excuse for a girl not to look pretty. And hot pink is always such a fab colour.


Barney is such a preppy. Like Felicity, he believes that the apocalypse is no excuse not to look one's best at all times. Whilst most survivors head for the food aisles when searching for supplies, Barney heads for the detergent aisle to ensure he can keep his whites white and his colours bright.


Louise is definitely the brains of the outfit, keeping the Enigma Engine on the road, maintaining their weaponry and analysing samples in search of the origin and cure for the infection. Gone is her old form-hiding jumper, out comes the singlet - much easier for cleaning off blood and brains splattered out from zombies massacred by her chainsaw.


With the apocalypse having dried up the supply of the active ingredient for his brownies, Wolsey has been forced to face up to the world as it is. Running away from danger is no longer an option so he has hardened up, tooled up and inked up.


With his sensitive nose Hamlet is a great boon for the team, being able to sniff out food at great distances and give advance warning of approaching zombies. Like Wolsey, the termination of brownie-ingredient supply has somehow made him more courageous, so the team have fashioned armour to help protect him from zombie bites.

These figures from Hasslefree are fantastic sculpts and were fun to paint when I eventually knuckled down to painting them. I think the trick for me is to do them individually - my previous 2 attempts I was doing them all together.

I'm now working on the other five figures. One is done, one I've started and the rest I hope to do in the evenings this week, so Donogh should finally be getting his figures. And then it will be onto Simon's Spetsnaz, the Bloggers for Charity coureurs....

Updates and Plans

All the figures I prepped last week have now been primed (apart from the regimental guns). The 30YW figures were primed with grey gesso. For the 6mm I discovered I was almost out of Humbrol matt white, so I bought some white primer from Halfords. It seems to have worked a treat, although the proff will be in the pudding when I get around to actually painting them. I definitely need to order a few more bits from Baccus (commanders, dismounted cavalry, some more artillery and some casualties) and some bases from Tiny Tin Troops - I've decided to go with 60x60 bases for infantry and cavalry, 30x30 for artillery and commanders.

This week, alongside finishing Donogh's figures, I'll be doing more figure prep - the nellies, Xystophoroi and the last of my Sarmatian lancers.


  1. I really was surprised no-one had brought out Scooby-Doo figures before this.
    I imagine the post apocolyptic bits could be filed off?

  2. Excellent work - love those kids!

  3. Wonderful Tamsin, really love these. Great to see them finished at last.

  4. @ Herkybird - I think Hasslefree have had them out for ages. They do have non-post-apoc versions in the Modern non-coms and civilians section.

    @ DeanM - cheers! :)

    1. Thanks Tams! - I must have a look at Hasslefree.... now I just have to find a way to use the figures!! - and paint them as well as you do!

  5. I love your Zombie Doo set! Great work and a great writeup!

  6. Nice work Tamsin, scooby snacks all round!

  7. These look really nice. Well done.

  8. I really want to get both the pre- and post-apocalyptic versions. I have liked them for years. But when it is something totally useless for any project, I am slow to spend the time and money on them, even though they would be fun. Scooby Doo was my favorite cartoon as a kid, so there is a huge nostalgia factor there.

  9. Excellent in every regard. Truly Nice Tamsin.

  10. Very nice paintwork...and so many souvenirs!

  11. Lovely work there Tamsin and I love the character and background you have given them

  12. Nice job Tamsin! They are going to be a lot of fun to game with,

  13. @ Michael - thanks! I'm just glad to have finally got them done. I mean, they've only been sitting in the painting queue for what, 9 months?

    @ Monty - I was originally just going to post the pics, but then I thought that they really deserved a write-up :)

    @ Francis - cheers! Shcooby dooby doo! :)

    @ Chris - thanks!

    @ JWomack - they are great figures. Like you, I can't justify buying them for myself as I don't really have a use for them (other than as display items).

    @ Rodger - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - you're only saying that because they are! ;)

    @ Phil - merci! :)

    @ PK - thanks!

    @ David - cheers! Hopefully Donogh will have fun gaming with them.

  14. Excellent job Tamsin. The markings on the dog are fab.

  15. The gang look good. They really are fun looking sculpts.

  16. Excellent work Tamsin! Looking forward to getting my paws on the gang.
    I'm wondering how they'd fare against Martians...

  17. @ Ian - cheers old chap!

    @ Simon - I was dreading doing those markings, but it turned out they were actually quite easy to do

    @ Sean - they definitely are fun sculpts

    @ Donogh - I'm so glad you like them, they should be with you soon along with the other five. Martians? Hmmm. Could they be behind the zombie plague?

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

  18. How fun are these? So fun.

    Happy Halloween and a
    great BIG boogie boogie.