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Sunday, 16 December 2012


A week since my last post, so about time I posted an update, if only to let you know I'm still alive!

Analogue Painting Challenge

Curt has asked all 47 participants to set themselves a target for how many points they want to get painted. This was quite tough for me to determine - having increased my hours at work (finally back to full time), I obviously don't have as much time for painting as I did earlier in the year and on workday evenings I'm usually too tired to want to paint - hopefully this will improve once my body (and brain) have had a chance to get used to working full time again.

So, what painting do I think is manageable? I reckon that I should be able to paint (in 15mm) 24 foot or 12 mounted a week if I apply myself to the job. So, that's 48 points per week. Over 13 weeks that would be 624 points. As I want my target to be a bit of a stretch, adding 25% would give 780 points, which rounds up nicely to 800 points.

My FoG:R Game on Thursday

My New Model Army was matched  against Brian's Confederate Irish army. Unfortunately due to a combination of really bad terrain placement (I'd lost the initiative and Brian had chosen "Hilly" as the terrain type) with two steep hills in my centre, really bad dice at crucial moments and me bottling it when I should have charged my horse into his right flank I ended up losing 25-0.

I did start taking photos but then got so caught up in trying to work out how to extricate my cavalry from the noose that was closing in on them and how to get my foot through the gaps between the hills that I forgot to take any more. I'll post a few on Tuesday if I remember.

I'm now hoping to redeem myself with a massive win against Simon's 1642 Royalists tomorrow night.


30YW Cuirassiers - I've finished the paining, done the Klear/ink coat, based them and dry-brushed the basing gunk. I'm hoping to do the matt varnish spray tomorrow morning (otherwise I'll do it on Tuesday) then I'll be able to do the tufting and flocking one evening this week.

30YW artillery - I started painting the guns a few weeks ago, then put them to one side. I've now finished the guns and have nearly finished painting the crews and bits.

30YW Foot - I've also got quite a bit of the painting done on the extra pikemen and musketeers for my foot regiments to upgrade all of them to 9-base late tercios.

If I'm lucky, the artillery and foot should be finished next weekend and then I can start on my "Croats" which will be my first entry in the Challenge.

I'm not sure what I'll paint after the Croats. I'll probably do the remaining 30YW figures that are in my leadpile.

50,000 Page Views!!

Last but not least, last weekend I reached the 50k milestone. If I'd reached that number a few weeks earlier I might have done a prize draw to celebrate but as my blog's first birthday is only a couple of weeks away, I decided to wait for that.


  1. Fantastic to hear about the job, the painting progress and the 50k hits!

  2. Congratulation for your new job, the blog's aniversary and the 50.000 hits!

    Seems to be a good month for you.


  3. Congratulations on those achievements, specially the job is these difficult days!

  4. You have achieved much in succession, Good luck for everything in the coming months

  5. Thanks all!

    Just to clarify, it's not a new job - I've been on part time hours for the last 18 months while recovering from chronic fatigue (still not out of the woods with that though).

  6. Well done on your 50000 hits and almost 300 followers.
    and good luck for the challenge

  7. Congrats allround Tamsin. Good luck with the challenge too.

  8. Nice one Tamsin on the 50k hits and best wishes in the Painting Challenge, I'm sure you'll best your target!!

  9. Excellent news all round Tamsin, health, work and hits! Great job.

  10. good target I am sure all of us in the blogoshpere will give you plenty of geeing up as the months go by. Big congratz on the 50k hits
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting

  11. Good news all round Tamsin, except for that bit in the hills of Ireland. Wishing you all the best as you return to full time work, and that you have the energy to meet your goals. Blessings to my fellow Brush Ronin!