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Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Xmas Folks!

And in line with the festive spirit, some music vids for you.

This first one was done in a good cause back in 2003:

And just in case you still believe, there really Ain't No

Ok, that's enough of that for now. Put down the egg nog, stop scoffing those Twiglets, put down those nutcrackers and enjoy these pics.

30YW Pike & Shot Reinforcements

These fellas will bring all 6 of my foot regiments up to 9 bases (for use as early war "Late Tercios").

30YW Artillery

That gives me 3 batteries of artillery. The only "gunnes" I'll need to paint up now are some regimental guns to enable me to do late war armies (Swedes in particular).

These figures bring my 30YW army up to:
4 command groups
6 x 9 base regiments of pike & shot
2 x 6 base regiments of shot
3 x 2 base artillery batteries
6 x 4 base regiments of cuirassiers
3 x 4 base regiments of reiters/harquebusiers/horse
2 x 4 base regiments of dragoons

I probably will add a couple more regiments of pike and shot at some point, the regimental guns I mentioned earlier and I have 2 more regiments of horse waiting to be prepped and painted.

The Challenge

I finished painting Curt's ronin last night and this morning I did the matt spray, touched up the basing with another drybrushing, added some tufts and flocked it. Once that was done I went over various parts with brush on satin and gloss varnish to make them pop a bit more. I can't post pics just yet (comp rules) but will schedule a post for Boxing Day.


  1. Nice work and Merry Christmas Tamsin

  2. Excellent painting and happy Christmas for you too

  3. All looking very good. Have a merry Christmas and here's to a successful 2013

  4. Have a good Christmas! Don't drink too much during New Years!

  5. Great looking troops and a Merry Christmas to you too.

  6. Love the artillery Tamsin and a very Happy Christmas to you.

  7. Well done Tamisin. Merry Christmas!

  8. Merry Christmas Tamsin, Great figures by the way.

  9. Seasons greetings to you too


  10. Merry Christmas, Tamsin - have a wonderful day tomorrow and the very best to you and yours for the holidays! Looking forward to your Challenge painting - the wonderful ronin you did from the Citadel 1980s range looked terrific!

  11. Great work Tamsin, have a great Xmas!

  12. Great work Tamsin! Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  13. Nice work! And Merry Christmas!

  14. Merry Christmas Tamisin! You've been as busy as one of Santa's elves!

  15. Merry Christmas Tamsin!
    Its already here in Oz :-)

  16. Good job good blog wargaming girl ;)

    Merry Cristmas!

  17. Great work and Merry Christmas Tamsin!

  18. Merry Xmas from me too. Perhaps we can actually catch up with each other this year?

    1. Hopefully we'll catch up with each other sometime in 2013. Salute maybe?

  19. Hello Tamsin! Hope you had a great Christmas. I am really enjoying your work in this period. Each 30YW base you show us has a nice blend of colour and steely seriousness. Looking forward to more batreps and news of great victories!