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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Back from Xmas in Sussex

OK, this post is a couple of days late - I got back to London on Thursday afternoon. Since then I have been cracking on with painting my first unit entry for the Challenge - 24 15mm Croat light horse for my 30YW army. In contrast to my rather muted Ronin, these figures are a veritable riot of colour, which is part of the reason for it taking me so long to paint them.

I finished the painting this evening, gave them a Klear/ink coat and have based them. Now I'm just waiting for the gunk to dry so that I can dry-brush it, then in the morning they will get their matt varnish spray and will be tufted, flocked and photographed. Depending on how quickly Curt gets the pics up on his blog, they might make an appearance here tomorrow, but more likely on Monday.

So, what's next? No painting for a couple of days unless I finish off the FSE ships and/or the Norman knight. It will mostly be prep-work to get the next batch of figures ready for painting. I'll probably assemble a ton of 28mm plastics (Vikings, Saxons, Normans) for my Saga armies.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your Saga figures down the track. Thinking about doing some myself.

  2. Sounding good Tamsin, looking forward to the riot of colour!

  3. I too am looking forward to the Saga fig's!

  4. Glad to see you back in the saddle. I don't miss the nightly WiP posts, but you have been down lately and I'm glad to see you back at it. I hope you continue to feel better and that the new year will see you back to your previous, frankly prodigious, output and energy.

  5. looking forward to seeing these.Have a Good New Year

  6. Looking forward to seeing these all painted up and on your blog. Hope you had a great time and that you are refreshed


  7. Well folks, you've made my mind up - next batch to be painted will be some Vikings!