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Monday, 31 December 2012

Next Up For The Challenge: 28mm Vikings

Well, I've had quite a productive day. This morning I finished off the Croats and sent the pics to Curt to post on his blog as he gets first shout on posting them. I've scheduled a post to go up here tomorrow. Errrmmm, today - it's gone midnight!

As I didn't have anything ready for painting I decided to prep some figures for my next Challenge batch. As several commenters had said they were looking forward to Saga stuff, I spent the afternoon assembling 20 Gripping Beast Vikings. Once they were assembled I superglued them onto 25mm washers and then did something a bit dumb. I should know from past experience that doing the PVA-over-base-and-dunk-in-sand/stones before painting is a pain in the neck, but I went ahead and did it anyway. It probably would have been fine if there had been less of the ballast/tallus in the mix, but by the time I realised it was too late. I guess I'll just have to paint the bases as beach or stony ground. After letting the basing texture dry for a while, I primed the figures with Vallejo black polyurethane primer. So, here's a quick pic:

Tomorrow evening I'll be doing a round-up of 2012. I notice that I'm currently at 299 followers - wouldn't it be great to gain another before the year ends?


  1. Hey, I'm working on GB plastic Vikings for Saga right now as well! Great minds? ;-)

    I'll be curious to hear your opinion on how doing the basing material before you paint works out. If it works, that'd be easy to change up to do in the future!

  2. Odd how we are all different beasts, I always base my figures before undercoat I have been known to paint up the base first too
    Looking forward to the Saga stuff.
    Peace James

  3. Huzzah for 300 and Huzzah for some Viking action - I am one of those calling for some SAGA goodness! Great to see you feeling better and being amazingly productive :-)

  4. Must admit I am rather fond of the GB Figures. Looking forward to seeing these in all their glory. Congrats on the 300 too!

  5. Hah, just looked at this as I was putting sand on the bases of my unpainted figures. I always do this so that the undercoat goes over everything. I find painting bare gravel with a brush very tricky and less satisfactory.

    Looking forward to your Vikings too!

  6. Looking forward to seeing these Vikings. Well done on the 300.

  7. Thanks guys, and a big Spartan welcome to Scott!

    @ Monty - I have done basing material first before and it can work out well (my Ronin is evidence of that). the problem here was that I did a PVA coat then into the sand/gravel mix (with too much gravel in it).
    It will certainly be interesting to see how our two batches of GB Vikings compare :)

    @ Legatus - it's definitely easier to do sand/gravel first as the primer makes it easier to paint up later on. the main problem is that the sand and gravel seem to soak up huge amounts of primer.