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Monday, 31 December 2012

Analogue Painting Challenge: 30YW Croat Light Horse

Well, they've been up on Curt's blog for a good few hours, so I think it's OK to post them here now.

I present to you 24 Croat light horsemen for my 15mm 30 Years War army. These were rather time consuming to paint as there was so much detail and I was using a lot of different colours. I think in total these took me about 12 hours of painting, plus another two hours for doing the basing. I'm pleased with the results - they're certainly a colourful bunch, as they should be.

Now I've just got to decide on an army list in FoG:R where I can use them and get them onto the table!


  1. They are a fantastic and colourful looking unit. Well done Tamsin.

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  3. as say one of your compatriots
    "A little better all the time
    I have to admit it's getting better "

    realy nice
    you're getting better all the time !

  4. I like the color and I really like the hats. A nice group to add to your army. Happy New Year.

  5. A great looking unit, full of character. Good luck in the painting challenge!

  6. Beautiful work Tamsin! Very colourful! Have a great New Year!

  7. Nice looking bunch Tamisin and it's grand to see you back in full production mode again!

  8. They look fantastic Tamsin!!