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Sunday, 9 February 2020

AHPC X Day 51 - Eleventh Entry and Sunday Update 09 February

My eleventh entry has been posted today. Link

I'm still working on my Snowlord's Peak piece, but it's at the point where there are long cure times so I decided to quickly paint up a few Strontium Dog figures, in this case a trio of Stix.

Today, as I was still waiting for some gloss Mod Podge to arrive (my shopping trip yesterday was a bust - Ryman were rearranging the store and there wasn't any on the shelves so I ordered via Amazon) I figured "what the heck" and started on another SD trio.

Since taking the above pic I have finished their bases and also added gloss Mod Podge to the water effects on the vignette.


  1. Lovely paint job! -They look suitably menacing!

  2. The Stix look excellent Tamsin, and look forward to seeing the rest on show in full