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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Salute 2019 - Loot and Looters

Today was Salute which meant an early start to get to the ExCel Centre. The route I took on the tube seemed much quicker than previous years, so I ended up arriving much earlier than planned . Which was quite handy as I found myself a good way towards the front of the queue in the queuing hall.

There was a chap just ahead of me who looked very familiar, but I was expecting him to have a load of camera gear as he was meant to be acting as "roving reporter" for a YouTube channel. As this chap didn't have any of that, I assumed it must be a lookalike so didn't say "Hello!". A few minutes into the queue he looked back and said "Tamsin?" and I realised that it was indeed Miles. We ended up chatting in the queue for a good while.

Miles not looking unhappy

After they let us in at 10am, I began my photo tour of all the games. Having learnt my lesson last year when my camera battery ran out quite quickly, I had charged up all of them and packed spares. Which was just as well as the first battery was close to flat with about 1/3 of the games left to photograph.

I finished taking pics of the games just before midday and headed off for the bloggers meetup in the middle of the hall. It was good to catch up with some old faces and meet some new. Lee did take a pic with my camera, but it was out of focus:

I'll have to nick a decent pic from someone else's blog!

When everyone had drifted off, I headed outside for a nicotine top-up, before heading back in for the Terrainiacs meet-up. I got there a little bit early which, after a brief chat with Mel The Terrain Tutor and Dave "Six Pages" Taylor allowed me time to make some purchases (my first of the day!) at the Warlord stand.

Me & Mel; Dave "Six Pages" Taylor in the background
It was good to meet up with some people I have been chatting with during livestreams on Mel's channel - always nice to be able to put faces to names.

When that was all done and dusted it was time for shopping before heading to the pub to meet some of the guys from the club. I had two pre-orders to collect and a short list of bits that I wanted to buy (I got all but one item and didn't buy anything that wasn't on the list - shocking!). I also had a browse around some other traders and chatted with a few.

I eventually got home a little after 5pm (sorry Ray, Postie and Miles about not hanging around to meet you in the pub at 5) and took some loot pics, then downloaded all the photos I had taken. I've edited the loot & looters pics - the pics of the games will have to wait until tomorrow; far to many to go through tonight. If all goes well, there will be a Salute Games post tomorrow night.

I guess you want to see the swag I carried away with me.

The Haul

Salute loot


Warlord Games
 There was one Stronty Dog pack ("Kreelers") which they had run out of earlier in the day. I got the last "Law Enforcement" and one of the last three "Mutant Army Generals" packs that they had.

Not just a signature - a dedication as well!

Wargames Illustrated
 I took out a sub to WI and got a £20 voucher for Warlord Games valid only on their stall today. An hour and a bit after making my purchases. Drat!

Paints from Pendraken/Minibits

Foam trays from Figures in Comfort

The pre-orders

Kangaroos from Eureka
 These 'roos will be used to make some Chain of Command jump-off points for my WW2 Aussies.

Essex Miniatures

SYW Russians and some Choson Korean Hwatcha rocket artillery

Thoughts on the show

Hard floors - check
Crap lighting - check
Games variety - not too bad
Games quality - variable, not as many outstanding tables as previous years
Missing games - more than normal; there were a lot of empty tables where there were meant to be games

Anyway, that's enough for today. I need to unwind, eat and get some sleep before I face editing the games pics.


  1. I thought the fuzzy bloggers photo was just a flattering bit of soft focus!

  2. Great to see you again Tamsin. Lots of lovely loot too :-)

  3. It was nice to meet up with you and the other bloggers.

  4. Oh no, I'm sorry about the bloggers photo...i didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see the screen was out of focus! I took a load of pictures, I'll send them to you in a minute.

    The pub you recommended was good, albeit bloody noisy inside. We ended up sat outside and had a relaxing pint before heading home to lick our wounds!

  5. Look forward to seeing game photo's reading a few blogs....Salute date always reminds me i'm part of a hobby which life keeps stopping me doing....I dont feel like I've missed much Salute always seems an impersonal mass brawl for the market place in poor lighting. Luckily have Broadside and Euro Militaire shows in May & June

    1. Euro Militaire is back? I thought they'd given up...

    2. Now called Euro Miniature Expo 11 & 12th May at usual venue Lees Cliffe Hall, different organisers last couple of years but now May not September same format, timing personally isn't so good as wargames and airshows on so wont spend so much!

    3. Oh excellent timing for me to ask. Yeah as I understood it the original organisers all felt they were too old for running it so happy to hear someone picked up the baton.

  6. @ Alastair - or maybe my camera was trying to protect itself and the general public from the awesome looks of wargaming bloggers? ;)

    @ Simon - good to see you too. Sorry we didn't really get to chat :)

    @ Khusru - nice to meet you too :)

    @ Fran - cheers! Not as vast as some years! :)

    @ Martin - it was a good show :)

    @ Lee - no worries! Thanks for sending those pics and glad you enjoyed the pub, even if it was lacking my presence! :)

    @ Fraxinus - First games pics post is up now. Salute has lots of pros and lots of cons; for me, as I'm in London it's a no brainer - attend! :)

  7. We broke down on the M2 so have to apologise for my empty table.

  8. So it was you that bought my Strontium Dog miniatures grrr haha. Had to order them online this morning :-)

  9. Thanks for posting this and the two sets of game photos.

    Salute always seems like a good time, pity that it is so far away.

  10. @ Six Mil Phil - sorry to hear about that :(
    Having gone through all my pics of games, it seems that it was just three from the listing that didn't turn up - I guess some of the empty tables I saw were extras that had been booked but turned out not to be needed on the day.

    @ Carl - sorry to have got those two packs before you got there! At least you have been able to order them online. Which reminds me, I need to order some Kreelers.

    @ Lasgunpacker - you're welcome! Maybe you'll make it to Salute one day :)

    1. Awww it happens, just lucky I guess. I did manage to get a mate to put a note on ours explaining, and texted the table organiser to let him know. Back next year even if I have to walk. ;)

    2. Aha! I actually took a pic of the note as a placeholder for when I went through the photos later. I can send you a copy if you want.