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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sunday Workbench 25 February

With the Ming chinese done and dusted (for now) it was time to move on to something else. I was planning to make a start on the additions to my Mongol forces but when I got them out on the table I realised that I was missing a bunch and I'll need to place an order for them. Scratch the Mongols for now.

I don't want to work on the Sea Peoples army just yet, so I had a look through my various drawers to see what else there was. Lo and behold I found a quick project I could work on - some Scythian cataphracts and command group. I did make a start on them about, ooohh, very nearly six years ago and they've sat in the drawer part-painted ever since. Truth be told, I'd barely started painting them when I must have moved onto a different project.

It was long overdue that I should finish them, so I put them on the table and started painting. I've managed to get most of the way through and might even finish the painting tomorrow night.

These will allow me to field a Scythian ally force with my Sarmatians - essential if you want to have more than two units of light horse.


  1. Nothing like a Little change to keep us motivated.
    These look like they might be another colourful unit.

  2. You are a painting machine! It helps that your work looks good, but a machine you are!

  3. It's really an unexpected pleasure to find something that fits into your requirements at the precise moment of need. And considering that they were already bought and paid for, partially painted and close at hand - well, what could be better. I think we're all looking forward to seeing these reinforcements for the Sarmations.

  4. Ah, I used to have a Skythian army, and still have my Sarmatians, happy days!

  5. @ Dannoc - thanks! Yes, they will be quite colourful :)

    @ Justin - cheers! :)

    @ Jerry - it was handy coming across them just at the right time :)

    @ Herkybird - they are fun armies, but very hit and miss - more the latter under my command! :)