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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sunday Workbench 11 February

Things didn't go quite as planned this week. It started well on Monday and Tuesday and I got plenty done on the cavalry, then it ground to a halt as I was feeling drained after all my recent colds.

I've made up for it this weekend and took all three units to a well-progressed stage this morning. I then switched to working on a single unit and took it to completion - just the basing to do on them, which will get done tomorrow night. I'll then work on the other two in turn so should get at least one more finished before next weekend.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics to show what's on the workbench:


  1. They are looking suitably splendid! You have managed a lot haven't you!
    I look forward to seeing them based and battle ready!

  2. Great progress. Those mounted figures look very nice. And what a neat and tidy work area. Mine's a mess !

  3. And I thought I had a productive weekend! Look excellent as ever.