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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

WIP SYW Russian Cavalry Day Three

Hmmmmm. It seems I underestimated how much work was left to do for the dragoons and horse grenadiers. Not helped by me spending an hour trying to do something clever and then spending another hour correcting it when I realised that it wasn't actually so clever after all.

Luckily there isn't much left to do, but my next step will be rather fiddly - the white bits. After that it's touch-up/highlight the saddle rolls, touch up the black on the hats, add 'staches to most of the figures, highlight the officers' sabres, touch-up the wig tails then onto the flags.

So, pics:

I will finish these tomorrow and should be able to stick them onto bases.


  1. Continued good progress and that cornflower blue is eye-catching.

  2. Looking very nice Tamsin, I wish I had half your pace


  3. Very impressed at the rate you're painting the SYW Russians. Tamsin, what rules due you intend to use? I've found Rank & File and Honours of War give a reasonable game. Regards Greg

  4. @ Jonathan - thanks! The cornflower blue has come out very nicely on these :)

    @ Ian - cheers! :)

    @ Delta Coy - thanks! I'm using them for King of the Battlefield, but may also use them for Honours of War :)

    @ Urban Bunny - cheers Simon! :)