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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Army Review: 28mm Mob Wars - Salutesville's Citizens

Sorry for the brief break in posting. The last few evenings I was a bit cream-crackered for some reason. I'm still a bit fatigued, but I've got the next week off work, so hopefully that will give me time to recover.

Anyhoos, time for the meat of the post.

This will be the last army review for a while - I've still got a few armies to take pics of, then it's onto fleet reviews...

So, you've seen the mobs and the forces of Laura Norda for my mob wars project. Of course, all good gangster games need civilians either for set dressing or to provide human shields, objectives and - because these things inevitably happen - collateral damage. That's right - the good citizens of Salutesville.

All the figures not in the jazz band are from Blue Moon; the jazz band are from Eureka. Looking at the pics, I've realised that one figure is missing - the reporter. I guess he must have received a tip off about the latest atrocity committed by Il Postino Diablo's hoods and has rushed off to get the scoop.

I do have some more civvies to paint up at some point.


  1. I've been enjoying your army review Tamsin. I like these citizens a lot. I wonder what's in the baby carriage?

  2. Very nice- like that band especially.



  3. Excellent to have some Non combatants.

  4. I do love a bit of set dressing and these are particularly fine examples Tamsin.

  5. Good people one and all, love extras like this!

  6. @ Peter D - cheers and glad you're enjoying this series of posts! As for what's in the buggy, there was an allegation that she's in debt to "The Badger" so it could be a sneaky method of smuggling budgies ;)

    @ Pete - thanks! The band were fun to paint :)

    @ Clint - cheers! Just because they're non-combatants doesn't mean they won't be targets :)

    @ Michael A - thanks m'Lord! :)

    @ Francis - cheers m'dear! Extras like this do help to make a game look right :)

  7. "Hooboy! Gettaloada the gams on that dame!"

    Just contributing to the general 1920's ambience, don't mind me...

    Excellent work, Tamsin, a solid assembly of citizens!