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Thursday, 18 August 2016

WIP SYW Russian Cavalry Day Nine

And they're finished! The painting at any rate - I still need to varnish them. I might do that before I go to bed (late to bed - watching the Olympics). Then tomorrow I can pop them off the painting sticks, glue them to the bases and add the basing gunk. I'm going to be away again this weekend, so I'll take them with me to do the drybrushing and flocking. I'll be doing the hussar general and the wagons at the same time.

As I won't be taking any close-up pics tomorrow, I've included a couple for this post:

That's it for today folks!


  1. Still looking good and improving each day.

  2. @ Russ - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - thanks! Guess I'd better pull out all the stops with the basing then :)