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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Going Quiet For a Couple of Weeks

Hi all,

After the recent splurge of activity and WIP posts, I'll be going quiet for a couple of weeks. That's because I'll be working on the Raging Heroes review figure I was sent on and off and won't be taking any pics until it's finished. I may also have to go down to my dad's again at some point.

I do have a big SYW game at the club lined up for Monday (it's a public holiday here in the UK) and will try t take pics for you - I'll have quite a lot of figures making their first appearance in battle - last time I fielded 10 foot, 6 horse and 2 guns; this time my Russians will have 16 foot, 16 horse and 4 guns which should give me the opportunity to maintain reserves and allow for a strong offense or defence in depth.


  1. Good luck with your Russians. See you on the other side of the break. Cheers!

  2. We'll all be here when you get back. :)

  3. Have a good and if possible relaxing time.

  4. Look forward to seeing the raging Heros stuff. Enjoy your time.


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