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Thursday, 11 August 2016

WIP SYW Russian Cavalry Day Five

Another fairly productive day today. Early this morning I added gunk to the bases of the horse grenadiers and dragoons. It's almost fully cured, but I'll leave them overnight before drybrushing and flocking them.

After doing some chores, this afternoon I cracked on with the "hussar" general and his staff. Lots of fancy detailing, shading washes and highlights later and they were done by 8pm. I had them fully varnished by just after 9pm. It was quite good fun painting up this trio.

I between varnishing steps I decided to stain the wood of the wagons. I still need to do the metal trim and hubs of the wagon wheels - maybe tomorrow morning. So, with the wagons stained and the hussar command group varnished and a couple of hours spare, I decided to paint up the two wagoneers - I've done them in the (ex Observation Corps) fusilier uniforms. Despite it being just two figures, they still took me two hours to complete (including varnishing) as I needed to let various steps dry before doing the next one.

Well, I guess you want pics...

The wagon horses just need the brasses done but I'm still waiting for the bases I've ordered to arrive. I also need to buy some more pumice gel as I'm almost out.

I'm back to work next week, so will only have the evenings for painting. I should manage to get the hussars done by the weekend, ready for basing if all goes well.


  1. They look so much better based and ready for action.
    A great effort and the troops look suitably imposing.

  2. I have to say Tamsin, I think that these are some of your best work, splendid Ma'am.

  3. Looking good Tamsin! I'll second Sir Michael, I think you've excelled yourself with these.

  4. Nice looking figures and the finished dragoons and HG look good. I'm still amazed you can fit 3 Essex figures on a 30mm base, though he mass effect does look good.
    And also much respect that you have the patience to do the cast-on flags. When I finally get around to painting my Essex SYW stuff I've decided I'm going to replace all the cast on flags with conversions and paper flags. Looking good.

  5. @ Clint - cheers! They always look better once they're based :)

    @ Michael A - thank you m'Lord. I'm very pleased with how they've come out :)

    @ Millsy - cheers mate! It's amazing the difference that a bit of highlighting can make :)

    @ Tom - thanks! Getting 3 to a base is a very tight fit but the close order look is worth the hassle :)
    I went with painting the sculpted flags as I realised that cutting them off was going to be too much hassle and likely to require extensive resculpting of the figure afterwards. You might be better off getting standard bearers from another company or stay with the Essex ones as they are and just handpainting impressionistic versions of the flags :)

    1. Thanks for that. I've actually got all my SYW standard bearers as conversions from the Essex range. The Prussians and Austrians have packs of foot officers with raised left hands and which are easy to add a wire flagpole. They also have a Prussian dragoon trooper who carries his musket in his right hand. Again, it's fairly easy to cut away the musket and add a wire flagpole. Of course, it's cost me more money and I have surplus figures, but I reckon the end result will be better than me trying to paint a flag.