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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday Workbench

And so another week goes by where I haven't posted on a weekday. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make up for that.

I did play ADLG on Monday, but my Thursday game has been postponed until this Thursday. I'll try to do a write-up of Monday's game tomorrow (I did take pics).

I didn't get any painting done during the week, but I made up for that today and got the Zouaves finished.

Or thought I had - it turns out they have moustaches and goatees which I need to go back and paint. How bothersome.

In other news, some more cars have been adopted:

OK, that's it. I really will stop buying them now!

In the background, I have been busily prepping figures. So far I've done the 25mm GZG figures for the Car Wars project, the 15mm Koreans and the 15mm SYW Russians. I've got a load of 15mm SciFi stuff to prep still and some spaceships. Not to forget the mounted and dismounted men at arms for my Wars of the Roses army. My grand plan is to get all of these prepped, assembled and primed over the next two months ready for the Challenge.

While I'm doing all of that, I plan to clear as much of my painting backlog as I can. That includes my Mongol heavy cavalry, the last of the Pirates, some civvies for Salutesville, the Salutesville PD's vehicles and a handful of Hasslefree minis.

Also in my plans is a half-baked half-formed idea of taking the Frostgrave rules, but running the games in Mesoamerica with the parties searching a lost ancient city for sacred (and magical) relics. Fortunately, Foundry have some quite nice Aztecs and Scotia Grendel have some useful terrain bits (as do Amera). I will have to do some terrain building myself though to make step pyramids, altars, palaces etc. I'll make my decision either just before or at SELWG in a fortnight's time.


  1. Those are cute little figures but it will be a right pain to paint mustaches and goatees on 6mm.

  2. Love all of them and that little pink car, just made me smile.

    PS: Thanks for all the lamb bits. Very cool. That was fun to read all those suggestions and comments. You guys rock.

  3. The thought of 6mm fills me with dread. yours are fab. Mesoamerica-grave sounds a great

    1. I agree Mesoamerica-grave sound excellent Idea. (Could not leave a comment, but could reply so I hope you do not mind Martin)

  4. They will look great when they are finished, lots of plans for the challenge eh?

    I will be going a lot lighter in this years challenge


  5. Love the idea of pre-Columbian Frostgrave! Conquistadors and Incas/Aztecs has always been high on my list of figures to get into...I was thinking of Lion Rampant but I'll be keen to see what you come up with for Frostgrave!

  6. Lots of useful figures at The Assault Group too, of course!

  7. I think you must be the hardest working wargamer Tamsin! So much on the go at the moment.

  8. I'm not sure why but I doubt those are the last cars you'll buy. Goatees will be a pain but where very popular for the time.

  9. @ Anne - indeed they were a pain m'dear. But needs must and all that - someone went to the trouble of sculpting them so they had to be painted! :)

    @ Whisk - if you look closely at the pink one, you'll realise it's the Simpsons' family car :)
    As for the lamb suggestions, do try it. For a nice Greek lamb dish, try Kleftiko :)

    @ Martin C - give some a go; they're not as scary as you think :)
    Not sure if I will go Meso-America, but it will be fun if I do go that route :)

    @ Clint - it's a colourful (and warm!) alternative setting :)

    @ Ian - cheers! That's it for the Union for now :)
    Just making sure that I've got stuff ready to go. I'm planning to take things easier this year, but you know what they say about plans ;)

    @ Gordon - I've always had an interest, but never got round to buying any to paint up. I wouldn't want to paint up a whole army, so a small warband should do the trick for me :)

    @ Legatus - of course, and not to forget Gringo 40s, Eureka and Outpost. Lots of options for figures :)

    @ Michael A - hardest working? Not with all the lulls I suffer from ;)
    It does seem that I have a lot on the go at the moment, but most of it is preparation.

    @ Robert - you may doubt it, but it is my intention :)
    As for goatees and 'taches, they were a touch difficult to paint :(


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