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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday Update - Plenty of Shininess

Is it really five days since I last posted? Oh, so it is. To be honest, that is mostly because I haven't done enough to justify a post until now.

Today has seen a bunch of goodies arrive at Schloss Piper. Here is a pic of my workbench with some of them:

At the back, behind all the goodies, and on the bottom right of the pic you can see the fruits of my work last night - I was disassembling various vehicles for my next painting projects (and the two roller-coaster type vehicles to see if I can use the passengers as crew figures for my modded cars). This lot was ready to go into the stripping jar when the pic was taken (they've since been stripped and scrubbed ready for priming tomorrow):

The white dump-truck bed didn't go in the stripper - I just removed the decal design using a cotton bud soaked with nail polish remover.

OK, back to the goodies:

Vinyl flame masks from LE Diecast
Containers, crates, turret weapons and Gruntz activation cards from Brigade Models
Weapons and scenics from Sgts Mess
I got some bonus oil drums! And a nice message
I bought these paints on Tuesday
Part of the reason I hadn't had much to post about this week was that I was feeling wiped out most evenings, thanks to an incipient cold. I'm definitely past that now so should be getting quite a bit done.

My recent Amazon orders also arrived today (screws and washers; crimp tubes) but I didn't take a pic of those.

This afternoon I did a bit of airbrushing. I added some red to the test car:

I think I still need some more practice to be able to pull this technique off properly, but I'm certainly getting there.

I also sprayed the other three Fast 4WDs with different transparent colours over bare metal:

Sunrise Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Tropical Green
I'm very please with how these have come out. Tomorrow I'll be spraying all four with gloss varnish to seal the paint, then I'll have to do the weapons (now that my restock of Brigade Models turrets has come in).

Ahh! I've just remembered one bit I did get done during the week. I added coloured stripes to the "spikes":

I might have a go at putting them onto bases tomorrow while the gloss varnish dries on the Fast 4WDs.

"Come on now. We know you've bought more toy cars. Show us the pics!"

Back row is repeats; front row is new stuff. Well, the hot rod on the end is a minor body variant on one I have already so could be in either row.

With a full day clear tomorrow, I should get quite a bit of work done.


  1. Look at all that glorious shinyness!

  2. I can't believe just how much effort you're putting into this project, Tamsin. Its inspirational stuff :-) Those Fast 4WDs look outstanding, and you're certainly tempting me to consider picking up both an airbrush and some cars. Great stuff and clearly from your new arrivals, plenty more to come :-)

  3. Now I've really caught up with the blog. I've really enjoyed watching you experiment with techniques on the car builds. I still have airbrush envy. Trucks is something I need more of, I've been collecting cars but done nothing with them.

  4. That reminds me - Gruntz activation cards... Thanks!

  5. All in all I am impressed. And have left your blog with a warm feeling!

  6. Lovely airbrush work there. They're coming a.ong really nicely.

  7. Wrooom wrooom... looks like Schloss Piper is being transfered into Tamsin Garage...and overhauling service....Great models. Cannot wait to see the flames applied

  8. @ Michael A - and it shall rise to Valhalla, eternal and chrome :)

    @ Blax - I'm wondering if it is more to do with my subconscious brain diverting me from completing other projects ;)
    Airbrushes are useful tools, but the initial outlay for all the bits you need can be off-putting. Well worth it though.
    As for cars - just do it. But before doing any painting, wait for my "how to" post (I'll probably do it next weekend).

    @ Francis - thanks! :)

    @ Sean - cheers! I've had fun with the experiments. And you've gotta have trucks :)

    @ Millsy - glad to have helped out :)

    @ Clint - I dare not ask ;)

    @ Herbert - cheers! :)

    @ Markus - might be a little while before I do the flames on anything - I still need some more practice :)


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