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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Wednesday Workbench 03 June

I finished painting and varnishing the first Judge Dredd figures this afternoon and have glued them onto clear acrylic bases. However, I wanted something as a backdrop for the photos, so I've started painting up a Sarissa Precision factory unit. I should finish the painting and assembly tomorrow if everything goes well.

This afternoon I also got round to posting the sci-fi scatter terrain on the Quarantine Challenge blog.


  1. Teasing again Tamsin? - Shame on you! - we need figures!!!

  2. Look forward to seeing your Judge Dredd figures

  3. That terrain turned out nicely, now where are these Judge Dredd figures?

  4. Great looking scenery Tamsin, and look forward to seeing the backdrop for the model photographs

  5. Those certainly fit the part.

  6. @ Herkybird - Calm down! Calm down! You'll give yourself a coronary! There should be figures tomorrow. :)

    @ Neil - they should be up tomorrow. :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! Tomorrow, tomorrow...! :)

    @ Dave stone - cheers! :)

    @ Stuart - thanks! :)