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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Wednesday Workbench 20 May

After finishing the Wars of the Roses army, I decided it was about time I painted up a load of resin scatter terrain pieces that have been hanging around for a while.

First up was a batch of crates, boxes, etc for pulp games - I finished the last ones today:

From Ainsty

I also had some street items that I've started with the airbrush and which need finishing by hand:

From Fenris Games

They should be finished tomorrow.

I also dug out some sci-fi pieces which I'd bought at SELWG last year:

From Scotia Grendel

These certainly make a refreshing change from painting figures. Once they're done, I think I'll switch to the reinforcements for my 6mm ACW armies that have been sitting around awaiting painting for a few years...


  1. Yes, such terrain bits and bobs are worth their weight in gold in games!
    Its nice to see you put as much love into the painting of them as you have!

  2. Nice work! Been painting up the same kinda stuff myself Tamsin.

  3. Lots to keep your brushes busy Tamsin.

  4. That's certainly a lot of scatter terrain there!

  5. @ Herkybird - these are definitely great to have for games, and fun painting to boot! :)

    @ Ray - cheers! Presumably your stuff is for an earlier time period though? :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

  6. Great to see table dressings as nice as the models that play on them!

  7. Always good to have a load of scatter terrain. I ran the Scotia stand at SELWG last year, and hopefully I'll be back next year if it's on?
    Cheers, Richard P