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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

All The SYW Russian Infantry

Well, all the ones I've painted so far - I've still got the Observation corps and a few more converged grenadier regiments to do, but all of the line regiments that fought during the Seven Years War are now painted.

Anyway, if you want to know what 39 regiments of infantry look like together:

Of course, I forgot to include something to indicate scale - the block is 42cm (16.5") wide by 27cm (10.6") deep; they would just about fill a sheet of A3 paper.

Working left to right, the regiments are:

Front Row - converged grenadiers, converged grenadiers, 1st Grenadiers, 2nd Grenadiers, 3rd Grenadiers, 4th Grenadiers, Apsheronskiy, Arkhangelogordskiy, Astrakhanskiy, Azovskiy, Butyrskiy, Kievskiy, 

Middle Row - 2nd Moskowskiy, Muromskiy, Narvskiy, Nevskiy, Pskovskiy, Riazanskiy, Sankt Peterburgskiy, Sibyrskiy, Smolenskiy, Suzdalskiy, Troitskiy, Viatskiy, Vornonezhskiy

Back Row - Bjeloserskiy, Kazanskiy, Kegsgolmskiy, Ladogaskiy, Nizhegorodskiy, Nizovskiy, Novgorodskiy, Permskiy, Rostovskiy, Schlusselburgskiy, Tchernigovskiy, Uglitskiy, Vologdaskiy, Vyborgskiy

All the figures are 15mm from Essex Miniatures with cast-on flags that had to be hand-painted (not easy to do so the regimental symbols are somewhat impressionistic).

For the Observation Corps, I still haven't decided whether to go with actual Obs. Corps figures in the dragoon boots, or to stick with Essex and paint the gaiters as if they were dragoon boots. It does depend on the figures - Blue Moon and Old Glory 15s are much larger than the Essex so wouldn't fit in so well; Irregular are about right for size but rather "Meh!". I'll probably stick with Essex; the other advantage with doing that is that I know the figures, so won't have to make any changes to my painting.


  1. Impressive masse of troops Tamsin, well done. If you were doing Russian Nappys you've got them in a mostly historical formation too!

  2. Corking display. You need therapy

  3. I find with Lancashire games figures, that painting the gaiters as boots works splendidly!
    You have a lot more Russians than me, and they look very nice!

  4. Very impressive group shot Tamsin, That's a lot of troops you've amassed so far

  5. Top work Tamsin, I'd stick with Essex minis myself, no-one will notice or have any idea.......apart from anyone who reads this of course!

  6. Impressive collection, I know your pain. Your standards are well executed.

  7. Very impressive picture!
    So many figures!
    That's a great satisfaction for you, We hope so! ūüėÉ

  8. An impressive pile for sure. What does it all weigh you think?

  9. @ Peter D - cheers! :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! Painting is therapy though! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! I might try a couple of test figures to see how it looks before I make a decision :)

    @ Dave Stone - thanks! And this is just the infantry. There are 33 regiments of cavalry (9 of them Cossacks), plus artillery, commanders and wagons as well :)

    @ Ray - cheers! I'll probably stick with Essex - depending on paint tests :)

    @ Dartfrog - thanks! I'd forgotten that you'd done Russians - Eureka, Blue Moon and Old Glory 15s? Nice figures, but I'd have trouble fitting 3 cavalry onto a 30x30mm base :)

    @ L'Empereur - merci! It is satisfying to have the all the line infantry finished :)

    @ Neil S - cheers! :)

    @ Aquahog - thanks! Not sure how much they weigh, but less than the 33 cavalry regiments! :)

  10. Now that’s truly impressive Tamsin!