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Monday, 20 March 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 89 They Think It's All Over

...and it very nearly is. There are just under seven hours left for people to get last-minute submissions in, but for me it actually is all over. At least as far as painting goes. After my Curtgeld submission of Parsley yesterday I didn't think I'd paint up anything else, but I felt in the mood this afternoon and did a few more figures. I started with a plan for how they'd be done, then managed to go in a different direction. Here's a sneaky pic:


Yes, I went greyscale with colour.

I've also been doing a bit of Minioning this weekend to help Curt out with the final flurries of submissions.

Which leads onto...

The Hall of Shame...

That's right, here are all the figures that I prepped and (for the most part) primed.

Left - 15mm Sea Peoples; Right - 15mm Mongols

Left - 6mm ACW
Right - 28mm Pulp; 28mm SciFi; 28mm Gladiators; 15mm Three Musketeers

After setting them out I did a count-up and calculated how many points they would have been. One thousand six hundred and one. 1601.

Hmmm, It's possible that I prepped a lot more than I needed. About 1100 points more than I needed. Well, I guess I've got plenty to work on over the next few months!


  1. Those grey scale figures look really good Tamsin. That's not easy to pull off, either. Well done! And, although you didn't paint every figure you prepped, you have painted a lot more than I have over the past three months. So well done on that, too.

  2. That final submission looks stunning Tamsin and my goodness, plenty left to keep you out of mischief.

  3. Ha ha ha you are absolutely right, your hall of shame for the challenge completely outclasses mine, well done. So many toys so little time. But I would like to see them all done eventually, well mine first and then yours. Hehehehehe

  4. Love the dark tones you've got on the cultists. The restrained palette really suits them.



  5. Some great entries Tamsin. Love the Dark Lord!

  6. Those grey scale figures look really great. Very impressive.

  7. @ J Womack - thanks! I have done greyscale before, but those times I'd planned to do it! :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! I was quite surprised how well they came out using just black, dark blue grey and pale blue grey, plus the red for the hoods and robe :)

    @ Chris - thanks! I'll be focusing on terrain mostly for a short while so you might well clear your backlog before I do :)

    @ Pete - cheers! It is a nice style, but takes a lot of effort to pull off effectively :)

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! :)