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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Saturday Workbench

Gosh! Three weeks without posting. Sorry for leaving you bereft of my inane verbiosity for so long. The fact is that until today I didn't have anything to post about. Well, that's not strictly true - if I'd downloaded pics from my camera, I could have done an AAR of a game of Full Thrust. But I haven't actually done any painting over the past few weeks as I first of all got a bug to watch the whole of Babylon 5 again (including the films and "Crusade") and this past week I've been a bit wiped out in the evenings.

Anyhoos, I'm back in the swing of things now and have started work on the scatter terrain pieces that I primed a few weeks ago. At the moment I'm doing the stacks of sacks - they've had basecoats and a shading wash so far; the next step is to paint the integral bases that some of them have. I'll do that tomorrow and then switch to some of the other pieces, probably the crates and tea-chests.

WIP pics:

I used 3 different basecoats - Ivory, Pale Sand and White Grey - before a thin sepia wash

During the week I have been prepping the GZG figures I bought at Colours. I'll be sticking them on bases during the week while paint dries on the terrain. I expect that I'll just prime them for now, ready for painting during this year's Challenge.


  1. I hope you had a good break. And welcome back.

  2. Very realistic results with the bags! You've inspired me to start doing some scatter terrain too. Maybe some sheep.

  3. Those bags are excellent, you have achieved a very realistic look!

    There is nothing wrong with watching B5! Do you still have a tear in your eye watching 'Sleeping in Light'?
    Its a good series isn't it!

  4. Good to have you back I for one have missed you. Those sacks are looking good.

  5. I know the feeling Tamsin, my entire September weekends are a blur of Model Train Show, Edmonton Expo, Fallcon gaming weekend...finally a breather. And although I've been priming lots of things for the winter, they are hardly something to blog about...so together now we can both draw a deep breath. 1-2-3 Ahhhhh

  6. Good to see you back again and nice work on the stacks of sacks