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Sunday, 9 October 2016

SELWG 2016 - Lootz

This morning I got up nice and early to head down Saarff ov tha rivva (the lands where black-cab drivers do not go...) to Crystal Palace for SELWG. I actually got there a good few minutes before the doors opened, so joined the queue.

My first stop once inside was to pay my obeisance to The Evil Mr Tuffley. After a brief chat about the rapidly expanding new and resculpted lines I handed over the grand sum of £6 for a pack each of the new ESU and NSL Jaeger SAW troopers, before he managed to persuade me to diversify into the Moongrunt range as well!
Hobby news - TEMT hopes to have all the support weapon packs for the ESU, NSL Jaeger, Islamic Federation and OutRim Coalition ranges ready in time for Warfare in November.

After I made my escape from temptation, I made my way to the games on the balcony area intending to make a start on my usual round of taking pics of all the games. At this point I discovered that I'd forgotten my camera. Oh well, I just began a tour of all the games before shopping,

I did meet up and chat with various people while I was there: Postie, Ray, Clint, Ian and Big Lee from the Rejects; Peter W, Clive, Ian G, Ian N, Martin B, Andy, Sean, Bart and Jerry from the Central London club (I did see a couple of others at various times but didn't get to chat); plus a couple of bloggers - Simon (Big Red Bat) and Dave Showell (If In Doubt, Charge!). I'm sure I've forgotten a few people, but that's my memory for you.

The GZG figures were the only ones I purchased at the show; the rest of my spending was on terrain and small bits. After a few tours around the traders and games I finally popped along to Essex Miniatures to collect a small package of figures which I had purchased during the week for collection at the show.

Anyway, I guess it's time for pics of the lootz:

My Essex package

Cacti and corn stalks for Mexicagrave

Some loose weapons for Salutesville

Airbrush hexocam stencils

Primer, paints, mini-dice and the GZG figures

Road and river sections

I decided to open up the road and river section packs to see what you get:
Edit to add: The figures in these pics are on a 40mm square base

Latex river/stream sections from Early War Miniatures

Felt-backed road sections from S&A Scenics
I think I may end up buying another pack of the road sections from S&A Scenics to ensure that I have enough for a decent road layout on a 6' x 4' table, but I reckon that 7' of river/stream should be plenty (especially at £37 a pack!).


  1. Nice stuff. Where are the cacti from? How could you forget you camera. I miss the 200 photos☺

  2. Good to see you at the show. The loot seems a little restrained but I bet the Essex box is full to bursting with goodies.

    TEMT =£6.... surely not!

  3. Some fabulous bits and pieces there Tamsin.

  4. Thanks. I like the look of those latex river sections. I presume to give the 7' each of those straight sections are 1 foot each. Do they mate up well?

  5. Yes, where did the cacti come from, I would like them for my wild west games!

  6. Those S&A roads are superb. Had mine for years and well worth getting another pack Tamsin. Did the Cacti come from the guys who do the Pancho Villa figures? I forget the company.

  7. Sweet loot haul. Really like the river sections as well looks like you can do some cool layouts with them.

  8. Very good haul. Good to see you again today, sorry we didn't get to chat more.

  9. @ Martin, Herkybird and Simon Jones - the cacti and corn stalks are from Shell Hole Scenics

    @ Martin - cheers! I don't know how I forgot the camera. Mind you, at least it has saved me a few hours of resizing and rotating the pics! :)

    @ Clint - thanks! I may do a big reveal of the contents of the Essex box tomorrow. As for TEMT only getting £6 from me today, I fully expect to hand over substantially more at Warfare [via someone else as I probably won't be going to the show myself] :)

    @ Michael A - cheers m'Lord! I think it's a decent haul overall :)

    @ Norm - thanks! The long sections are 1 foot each. I haven't tested them to see if they mate up but expect they will have been designed to :)

    @ Simon Q - cheers! To do really really cool river layouts I might have to get another pack! :)

    @ Lee - thanks old bean! It was a pity we didn't get time to chat for longer. Maybe you'll have to remind Postie to invite me down for another game in the shed'o'war? :)

  10. Missed it this year...it's my closest show so I usually get along but we had a whole heap of family 'stuff' going on which took over the day. Looks like a good haul.

  11. Moongruntz? Sweet! Finally I can to do my USMC vs Foreign Legion on Mars games!!! Hopefully the showboat to Oz can deliver before AHPC begins :-)

    What are your plans for those Tamsin - folded into your current armies or a new force?

  12. Nice loot. the SA stuff looks interesting - be interesting to see what you think in use..

  13. That's a great haul there me lady!

  14. A nice hall there my dear. I'm impressed with your restraint at GZG (and figures generally).
    I used to really enjoy SELWG when I lived in SW London But not so local these days.

  15. That's rather restrained, hope you don't run out in the challenge LOL