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Monday, 24 October 2016

More Sticking

Yesterday saw me doing a bunch of chores, then doing some furniture rearrangement in my lounge as well as shifting various boxes that still need sorting. As a result, not much time was left for doing figure prep for the Challenge. I did, however, manage to get all of these figures stuck onto washers/bases:

Sheep and WW2 Russian Women

Merchant seamen and "punks" for Salutesville

Civvies plus Il Postino Diablo and minders for Salutesville

Of course, now I need to do the basing work on all of these before priming them.

Figure Prep - I've just started prepping my SYW Russian reinforcements during my lunch breaks. They should be done by the end of next week, ready to get stuck onto sticks for priming.

Challenge Planning

I've begun planning what I want to paint for this year's Challenge and to work out what else I need to buy. You can expect to see (among others):


  • A whole bunch of figures for Salutesville (the ones above and some more that I'll be ordering) and maybe some boats
  • WW2 Russian women
  • Some characters (and maybe grunts) from Raging Heroes


  • A large reinforcement for my SYW Russians (with added Cossacks!)
  • Some more Koreans (all infantry, mainly Righteous Army types)
  • More SciFi goodness if TEMrT releases the support weapon packs for the NSL Jagers and ESU Naval Infantry in good time for me to buy and prep them
  • Possibly some 30YW
  • Possibly a new ancients army for ADLG (maybe even two)


  • Some cavalry and artillery reinforcements for my ACW armies. Potentially some infantry reinforcements
  • Maybe, maybe, maybe some small SYW Imaginations armies for Honours of War

Other stuff

  • Quite possibly some spaceships...

The next stage will be to sit down and work out how many points my "definites" come to, and what the "possibles" come out as. And then to place some orders for figures.

Still, it will keep me busy and a busy Tamsin means that everyone else can take a deep breath and relax!


  1. Thats a nice organised prepping session you have going on, the challenge begins in earnest me thinks

  2. Not even thinking that far ahead. I don't even know what I will be painting next Monday yet. But good on you for knowing and planning ahead.

  3. Nice to see you prepping too, looking forward to your usual charge during the Challenge


  4. So I need to know, what have you stuck then down with? Different coloured plasticine? Starting to worry about how well organised your challenge preparations are, I still need to get through Dinovember!

  5. @ Spooky Whisk - thanks, I will! :)

    @ Loki - well, I think I might try for the 6Ps (Proper Preparation...) this year. Who knows, I may even break the 3k barrier if I get it right :)

    @ Francis - possibly far too organised for me! :)

    @ Clint - I think the difference between us is that most of my projects are quite large in comparison to yours, so good planning is essential :)

    @ Brendan - cheers! :)

    @ Ian - not so much a charge as a fast-but-steady advance I hope! :)

    @ Michael A - the coloured patches are dot stickers to cover the slots in the plastic bases; the figures are superglued on. As for the planning and prep, well, I refer you to my reply to Clint :)

  6. That's a lot of work. Enjoy yourself. I look forward to the finished result which will be of your usual high standard no doubt.

  7. Diverse, plentiful and way too organised that's an impressive to do list and what's worse I know you will complete.

  8. My you are one organised girl - good luck

  9. Top work Tamsin! Those look fantastic! I love the sheep - every battlefield needs them!

    And top marks for the organisation for the new Challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing more Salutesville, and particularly looking forward to seeing your "possible" 30 Years War (yes, please!) and more ACW in 6mm. It's going to be a most excellent winter painting season!