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Monday, 12 October 2015

SELWG - The Games

A bit of a photo-dump, but there should be pics of every game! Unfortunately, it seems that the floor plan in the show guide doesn't really match with the layout in reality, so some games I can't say who was running them,


Gravesend Gamers Guild:

 GLC Wargames - an ECW battle:

TWWS - I think this may have been an ECW game as well:

Shepway Wargamers - Heart of Darkness:

 Streatham & Tooting/Real Time Wargames - early Sudan:

Robert Dunlop & Sons - Great War Spearhead in 6mm:

Society of Ancients:


South London Warlords - Stingray! :

Une guerre civile très français (A Very French Civil War):

WW2 Pacific theatre - POW Rescue:

Watch out for the late night munchies!

Maidstone Wargames Society - James Bond-esque Alpine Skiing:

 Early C11th Skirmish:

The Crush The Kaiser chaps with their new Mexican Revolution rules "Hey Gringo!":

Napoleonic naval game in 10mm - the ships are MDF kits from Capitan and look great:

 First Crusade game:



 SEEMS - Battlefleet Gothic:

 Crawley Wargames - Stretcher Bearer:

Star Trek game:

Not sure who - 15mm Poor Bloody Infantry WW2 game:

ACW Ironclad game:

That fun little Agincourt game I took part in:

Near the end of the game I was in - I was out at this point

Simon Miller with an Athens v Sparta scrum using his "To The Strongest" rules:

Quatre Bras I think:
Edit: No it's not - it's Waterloo. I blame my overhearing one of them talking about the crossroads


  1. Like Ray's a full and comprehensive report. But what was your favourite game and why and what game (of any setting) would you like to see?

  2. Far better pictures than Ray's unclear shots, thanks Tamsin!

  3. Always good to see oics of shows.

    The spam thing is a bit annoying - good luck getting it sorted

  4. I haven't done this show for a couple of years now but this and your last post has shown me what I have been missing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cracking photographs Tamsin, thank you for sharing.

  6. Good tour, I have similar problems doing my blog show reports for the same reason!
    I wish all traders and games advertised their names prominently!!!

  7. Great pics and it looks like a great veriety of games.

  8. Great pics Tamsin, how come some are at a jaunty angle? Is this new arty style gonna stay??

  9. Great pics mate. Thanks for sharing.

  10. @ Anne - cheers m'dear :)

    @ Clint - my favourite game? Hmmm. I'd say that my top three for the visual appeal were Heart of Darkness, Achtung! Gringo and the Very French Civil War ones.

    @ Francis - but of course ;)

    @ Zabadak - luckily, moving to the pop-up comments seems to have got rid of the spammers :)

    @ Silver Whistle - It's still a good show, but their publicity has been somewhat lacking for the past few years which may explain the falling turnout.

    @ Michael A - thank you :)

    @ Herkybird - it doesn't make things easy when the layout differs from the plan in the guide. Particularly when the guide just lists the club name without any description of the game :(

    @ Dannoc - it was a good range of games, but fewer than the last couple of times I was there :(

    @ Ray - the jaunty angle is a fashion thing, innit? ;)

    @ Millsy - you're welcome :)

    @ Whisk - the pizza box is something I've seen people use (also seen them using biscuit/cake tins) but normally they'll hide them away before the public turn up :)

  11. Just got your message and you made me laugh. Yes, the plotting will be so. Right after I wrote that post, I got an email from a friend who offered me her old desk that she doesn't need/use anymore.

    So cool.

    Anyway, thanks for making me laugh and have a great weekend.

  12. I couldn't get there this year so these pictures are great. Really like the Darkest Africa game with proper scale trees!


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