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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Saturday Workbench

Did you miss me?



Well, that was a long gap between posts. That's because until today I haven't had anything to post about. And that is mostly the result of me having to buy a new TV (the CRT on my old one decided to blow up after 17 years, on the day after my last post) which has a built-in DVD player. As I haven't had a DVD player since the analogue switch-off (I needed the SCART socket for my Freeview digital box) I decided it was time to watch a couple of box sets and films. First up was "The Water Margin" - great fun to watch but has left me with an urge to try to game it. I will resist...for now; maybe sometime in the future.

The smoking cessation is going OK now that I've accepted that I'm better off going for a gradual reduction rather than trying the cold turkey approach. I'm smoking about half as much as I was before and will continue cutting down over the next couple of weeks.

But this is meant to be a workbench post, so on with the pics:

That's right - I've resumed work on Salutesville PD's armoured vehicles and some Hasslefree figures.

Cyber-Scooby is actually finished apart from the base. I'm not sure whether to do a proper base or just transfer to a clean slotta base. Anyway, here are some close-ups:

If I ever paint one of these again, the armour will definitely NOT be white! There are a couple of minor slips, but they don't show up that much so I'm going to leave them. Not bad for a couple of hours work this afternoon.

I've also done some work on the armoured vehicles today, touching up the blue and black, and starting on the metal and wood details. I'll carry on with those over the next few evenings, alongside painting the other four Hasslefree figures.

Speaking of which, one of those is going to be for Dux as his prize for beating me to 1500 points in last year's Painting Challenge. Better late than never.

That leaves three figures which I've decided will be the prizes for my 750 posts prize draw. If all goes well and they are finished, I'll be posting that next weekend.

I have been doing some more prep over the past week and now have a substantial amount of prepped figures and vehicles for this year's Challenge.

Tomorrow is SELWG, so I'll be heading off to Crystal Palace bright and early. The only purchases I have planned are some Aztecs from Foundry and maybe a couple of paints. I have no doubts whatsoever that some spontaneous purchases will be made (probably from GZG and Brigade Models), but my plan is to limit those as much as possible. Hopefully I'll be bumping into a number of bloggers and other gaming friends.


  1. Scooby looks good. Good luck with the tabs, I'm a hopeless addict at moment, it's been a long moment. I've also been prepping for the winter's toil

  2. I've been waiting a long time for those armored PD vehicles nice to know they are on the horizon,

  3. See you at SELWG. (Unless you see me first and then you will spend the rest of the time hiding! As I have no confectionary)

    17 years is probably time to get a new TV but I would also put it off as long as possible!

  4. Good on you with the non smoking and I know how hard that is having recently stopped too, but keep at it.

    The Water Margin is wonderful and I have many a time though, must wargame that but thats as far as I get.

  5. Cyber Scooby is wonderful Tamsin and great job on cutting down on the ciggies, just avoid the wine gums they are harder to give up, as my evert growing waistline proves!

  6. This must be the paws before the storm (sorry could not resist), hope you enjoyed the show


  7. Cyber Scooby is a hoot!

    Good luck on the smoking cessation - its a very difficult but worthwhile task

  8. @ Martin - cheers and cheers! Getting off the ciggies isn't easy

    @ Robert - hmmm, they have been sitting part-painted for quite some time, haven't they?

    @ da Gobbo Grotto - thanks! :)

    @ Clint - good to catch up with you today. As for the TV, it still worked so why replace it? Apart from having a slightly bigger screen with a clearer picture, the new one weighing less... :)

    @ PK - how's your quitting going? Wishing you all the best with it :)

    @ Michael A - it's not the wine gums I have to worry about, it's the Scooby Snacks ;)

    @ Ian - Oi! I'm the one who's meant to come out with bad puns in comments! ;)

    @ Gordon - thanks! He was a fun paint (even though the white was a PITA) :)

    @ Miles - cheers! :)


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