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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saturday Workbench

Well, it would have been if a household disaster hadn't struck. I'd just started doing the Klear coats on the armoured vehicles before doing washes when I heard what sounded like a drip at the other end of my living room. I went to investigate then heard the ceiling start to go and just managed to get out of the way.

So, I now have a 4 foot diameter hole in the ceiling and rubble and dust all over my lounge. And dust all over me as well - once Doctor Who is out of the way I'll be having a damn good shower to get myself cleaned up.

Tomorrow is going to be taken up with buying rubble sacks, clearing the rubble, hoovering up the dust and packing away anything that isn't needed.


  1. Nightmare. Have you found the leak though

  2. Wow I am glad you were not hurt. I hope that the leak has been stopped and the insurance is prompt in sorting this nightmare out.


  3. sorry to hear/see that. Hope everything gets sorted with a minimum of fuss.

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you're ok - hope everythng gets sorted and your insurance company doesn't play sill buggers.

  5. Ouch! Good to hear you made it with out any injury.

  6. Poor you, an absolute disaster for you. I hope you are ok and able to deal with this emergency in a calm and efficient manner.

    You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers tonight!

  7. Holy crap that's terrible. Best of luck getting it sorted quickly!

  8. Holy Smokes batgirl!!! Glad it didn't fall on you.

  9. Jeez Louise, Tamsin! What a nightmare!

    Hope this can be sorted out with a minimum of fuss and bother!

  10. Argh, what a nightmare! Glad to hear you are personally intact. Hopefully none of your miniature cohabitants suffered any injuries.

  11. Ouch what a terrible thing to happen!

  12. Sorry to hear about the plaster falling in.

    Good luck with the clean up.


  13. That is dreadful news! Glad to hear that you are ok, but what a nightmare.

  14. What a nightmare! Hope there isn't too much damage to your stuff and that it's all sorted out as quickly and painlessly as possible.

  15. Good luck with it, main thing is keep your cool. I had a similar experience resolved recently after nine roofing contractors, five years and no insurance payout (wear and tear they said) finally got the roof and the ceilings fixed. Buy your own home? Never again!

  16. Sorry to hear about your various house troubles - just glad you weren't injured!

    Usually ceiling collapses are due to water leaks so best of luck tracking down the source

    Keep your chin up!

  17. What a bugger - glad you weren't injured and that the debris didn't land on anything too fragile

  18. Sorry to hear and see this Tamsin but at least it didnt fall on you. Good luck with the clean up

  19. Oh my gosh. Glad you didn't get hurt.

  20. Glad to hear your safe Tamsin & what a fantastic Whovian you are, to wait until AFTER the episode to shower...what a trooper!

  21. Wow really a nightmare....
    Hope that everything will be fixed soon and nothing got smashed.

  22. Thanks all for your thoughts :)

    @ Martin C - no. I don't have access to the roof or roofspace from my flat, so I'll leave that for the freeholder to identify (along with the claim to the insurance company).

    @ Simon J - not quite unhurt - I got a small graze on my forehead :(

    @ Clint - cheers! :)

    @ JP Price - thanks. Luckily it's the freeholder who'll have to deal with the insurance company :)

    @ CommissarMoody - just a small graze on my forehead thankfully :)

    @ Herkybird - after the initial shock wore off, I was able to get my act together. It would have been so much easier if it had been during the week rather than on a Saturday night :(

    @ Ski - I hope it will get sorted quickly, but I'll take a bet on it taking a few weeks with everything that needs doing :)

    @ Robert A - I did get caught by a couple of small bits from the edge, but nothing likely to cause serious injury :)

    @ Evan - cheers! Fingers crossed! :)

    @ Millsy - luckily for my minis they were at the other end of the room. The only property damage (other than a small graze to my forehead) was a small ornament. Mind you, it might be a good excuse to get a new sofa and coffee table ;)

    @ Simon Q - yup, not the best of weekend surprises :(

    @ Tony - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - certainly not what I had planned for the coming week ;)

    @ Gordon R - apart from the ceiling and an ornament, no real damage that I've found so far. Maybe once the clean-up starts I'll find other damage.

    @ Francis - thanks big fella :)

    @ George W - your problem puts mine into the shade. I'll leave it to the freeholder and management agent to sort out (and hope they don't piss me around).

    @ Miles - cheers! I'm pretty sure the leak is a small one from the roof, probably a slipped or damaged tile. If it's the water pipe that's leaking, that could be a problem...

    @ Paul O'G - well, a slight forehead graze but nothing serious; I managed to get out of the way of the worst of it when it came down. Amazingly only one ornament got damaged :)

    @ PK - a couple of small bits from the edge did hit me as it happens :(

    @ Whisk - just a small graze, nothing to make a song and dance about :)

    @ Terry - well, we must get our priorities right :)

    @ Markus - hopefully it won't take too long to get my living room back in shape :)

  23. So very sorry for your troubles friend.

  24. Song and dance, lol on that but seriously, glad you're safe. How the breathing going? Stuff like this would make it hard for me to inhale.

  25. Geez! Well, I'm glad it wasn't more serious. Look on the bright side: You now have lots of bits for interesting groundwork for your bases! :)

  26. Don't watch the movie Dark Water. I hope the fix isn't too costly.

  27. Hi Tamsin,

    It will take a while to get everything fixed and under control. Are you responsible for all the repairs or is there a landlord to provide assistance. We are all just glad that you were not hurt at all. Enjoy the Doctor - BBC America will have him on in about eight hours.

    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  28. Sorry to hear about your rood collapse and I truly can empathise with you as we've had a similar experience in the last week, "luckily" ours wasn't water related and occured in our hallway - that's 100 year old plaster for you.

  29. Late to this one but....WOW!
    That's some bad luck. Glad you had the reflexes of a cat though.


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