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Sunday, 11 October 2015

SELWG 2015 - The Lootz


I was up bright and early (for me on a Sunday morning) to head Sarrff ov tha rivver to Crystal Palace for SELWG. I got there just as they were starting to let in the crowd of gamers, having bumped into Clint (link to his loot post) as I was crossing the car park. Within a few seconds of getting in, I managed to find Ray, Postie and Big Lee with his "Young Padawan" Emily (she's actually Sith Master to his apprentice, but we'll let him believe that he's the teacher). After a brief chat, I tootled off to do the rounds.

Usually I make the big mistake of buying lots and lots of lead before thinking to take pics of the games. I didn't make that mistake this time. I even managed to take pics of every game - I'll try to write the post tonight and schedule it to go up tomorrow.

After stowing my camera in my bag, it was on with the shopping. First a quick pass around all the traders to see if anything jumped out at me, then onto the serious business. I think this counts as reasonably serious:

My first port of call was Tole Haven for some Vallejo paints - two I don't have and one I was running low of:

I then got some D20s from Magister Millitum. Yes, these are for Frastgrave, or rather - Junglegrave!

Next stop was Foundry to pick up some Aztecs for Junglegrave. Except they hadn't brought the Aztecs with them! Eeeks! I did pick up some suitable wildlife though for that project:

A quick toddle back upstairs found the Evil Mr Tuffley extracting cash from my purse. I bought some mounted Crusties, some turret packs and a trio of hover vehicles for my NSL force.

He's not really evil though - he knocked a couple of quid off as I'm a regular customer.

My thoughts then turned to terrain for Junglegrave. As it's central America, I knew I'd need some cacti and I'd also want some jungle foliage - long grasses and the likes. I'd seen some of these at Products For Wargamers on my earlier trawl, so headed in their direction.

I'll also need some trees. I thought (correctly as it turned out) that I'd seen some Noch/Gaugemaster ones on the Timecast stall.

You might be wondering about the willows, but they were used around the edges of the chinampa fields to stop the soil washing away.

As I was mooching around after all those purchases, I suddenly spotted something I'd missed earlier - The Assault Group were there and they had their Aztecs (and Tlaxcala). Needless to say, their gain and Foundry's loss. I picked up enough figures to do a couple of Junglegrave bands. They even knocked off 10% so I was an even happier bunny.

I then locked my purse away to prevent any more acquisitions and took a wander around the games to see how they were going. And got roped into a game of "Outrageous Fortune" which was an Agincourt game (and the pedant in me was chafing at the title being from Hamlet not Henry V). Still, it was a fun game with lots of inter-player interference. My battle did make it into melee with the English, albeit with just one out of six bases left but my final base did eventually get killed with two other players left in the game.


  1. All good loot. Pretty cool.

    PS: My husband ALWAYS picks up new dice or is it die? Either way, we have many, many D20s at our house.

  2. I am ssoooo envious of the number of great shows you southerners get!

    Jon Tufley is a great guy to deal with isn't he! I am sadly not into GZG stuff at the moment so don't get to deal with him much nowadays.

    I always wanted to get into Aztec types sometime, but have never got motivated for all that painting! I look forward to see your figures when they are in their finery!

    Be well pet!

  3. That's a lot of toys. Aztecs are cool but a bugger to paint and Junglegrave is definitely the way to go. You need a Quetzalcoatl figure next

  4. I'm looking forward to Junglegate! Can't wait to see what Aztec summoners spirit up!

  5. Junglegrave sounds fun. You got a good deal of tootling in today.

  6. That's an impressive haul there


  7. That's a sizeable haul of swag Tamsin, loving the idea of Junglegrave.

  8. A damn fine haul. Very "Junglegrave" focused. I look forward to seeing the board and game.

  9. I'll be following Junglegrave with interest. I have a bunch of Conquistadors I've been considering for a very similar project...

  10. Thanks for the report - I've not been to SELWG since I lived in SW london 11 years ago. I always enjoyed the show - looking forward to some more pics. good haul.

    Junglegrave sounds interesting.

  11. Great haul Tamsin, great to see you again as well!

  12. Nice haul of goodies

    Iraqi Sand - I'm always running out of that one!

  13. Nice work, quite a haul to add to your own lead mountain!

  14. Great loot, Tamsin.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how this Junglegrave idea develops.


  15. "I am ssoooo envious of the number of great shows you southerners get!"


    Good haul there.

  16. A very nice selection of goodies there.

  17. @ Whisk - die = singular; dice = plural :)

    @ Herkybird - there seem to be quite a few up in the North East as well. While there might be a fair number in the South, they aren't always easy to get to if you rely on public transport (like me).
    As for the Aztecs, painting them shouldn't be that bad. The toughest bit will be getting the skin tone right :)

    @ Phyllion - only because I didn't see any at the show! ;)

    @ Martin - not as much as I've bought at shows in the past, but a decent haul anyway. Junglegrave should indeed be fun and I definitely need a Quetzalcoatl figure or statue :)

    @ Edwin - it may be a while before Junglegrave actually sees the light of day - lots of terrain to buy or make and paint, plus all the figures, not to mention opponents unless I go for a solo campaign :)

    @ Robert -yes, lots of tootling and some mooching :)

    @ Ian - impressive in quality rather than quantity for once :)

    @ Michael A - it's actually quite a small haul for me. It seems that the Junglegrave idea is intriguing people [possibly along the lines of "is this another madcap project that she'll start and never finish?"] ;)

    @ Francis - thank you sir! You were missed :)

    @ Clint - surprisingly focused for me :)

    @ Millsy - boo! hiss! Conquistadores! ;)

    @ Dannoc - it's a decent venue and I've always enjoyed my trips to the show :)

    @ Ray - cheers! Good yo see you as well :)

    @ Miles - thanks! I guess Iraqi Sand is just one of those paints that gets used for everything :)

    @ Evan - the increase on my lead mountain from this haul is hardly noticeable :)

    @ Stefan - I think the way the Junglegrave project will develop is slowly. Very slowly ;)

    @ JP Price - cheers! :)

    @ Lee - and amazingly focused for me :)


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