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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Still too hot - might as well play Saga tonight

Well as it is still too hot to get any painting done in the evenings, I've agreed to turn up at the club tonight for some Saga loutery. We're hoping to get a couple of the 4-player scenarios played this evening. It's also a few weeks since I had a curry, so that will be welcome.

ps - I have remembered my camera. Now I've just got to remember to take pics during the games!


  1. Send them all to Valhalla Tamsin :)

  2. I'm not feeling the love for a curry in this heat but give them hell Tamsin.

  3. I was up and working in my shed at 5 am to avoid the heat in the evenings. Have fun tonight and enjoy the curry.

  4. I don't do SAGA, but I do do curry! I'll be thinking of you cos we're on some sweaty rotten salad thing tonight >|O(

  5. Have fun with SAGA !


  6. The heat's vicious here as well. Dog days of summer really bite:)

  7. Curry = Yuk! Have a good game and do remember the pics!


  8. Another Problem of painting inside the fridge, apart from the lack of Oxygen...and that´s the frost bite.
    Still, I´ve got one thumb and a finger remaining, not on the same Hands mind but I´ll Keep going.

  9. Saga pictures would be great curry is off my menu as trying to lose weight
    Peace James

  10. the heat is unreal I am a cold lover myself

  11. Bah!

    It's finally feeling like a proper aussie summer!

    I actually broke a sweat.

    Now, where is that pint.....